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25 Secrets I Have Never Shared Before Monday, 2 March, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Dark Secrets.
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Am taking this opportunity to share some facts about me after being tagged by a guy I know as Spike . I was supposed to post 25 random things about me and I decided to reveal 25 secrets which I have never disclosed online . Secrets desribes a person best.  Am quite sure, after knowing this your impression about me won’t remain the same anymore. So, here goes.

1.      I used to chew bus tickets when I was in school.

2.      I bought my first cigarette when I was 15. The brand ‘ Club Class’ disappeared the same year.

3.      I cannot swim backstroke.

4.      I can type smileys without smiling 😀 🙂

5.      I once had hit a pizza delivery boy on my Yezdi and dismantled his pizza box from his scooter. Then I fled .

6.      I used to smoke pot in college, even during exams. I quit after an OD at Khajuraho.

7.      I cannot whistle and am jealous about those who can.

8.      Once as a kid, I won a prize at a sit & draw competition and fell on a drain on the same day.

9.      I tried to seduce one of the younger lady teacher in college, and obtained lower marks.

10.  I have once used the word ‘dickhead’ in front of my neighbours while describing another neighbour.

11.  I feel helpless when kids cry without any reason.

12.  I always wanted to wear dark glasses, but never bought one, ever.

13.  I own 9 wristwatches, 3 of them doesn’t work.

14.  Whatever music I put as my morning alarm tone on my mobile, I end up hating it.

15.  I never liked my classmate Pinky in Jr Kg.  She had pigtails.

16.  I have never played Table Tennis. I kinda keep away from small balls.

17.  The cutmark on my chin is a result of my very first drunken-state push-up fail.

18.  I once broke the same glass on my specs, twice within a span of 3 days.

19.  I have ten Re 1 notes kept for the last 10 years, received with cash gifts ( 1001, 501  format) on my marriage.

20.  I have worn dhoti only twice in my life, first on a Saraswati Puja at my school and next on my wedding day.

21.  I had a red underwear which lasted almost 2 years.

22.  I hate table calendars with pictures & dates on opposite pages. I always get confused to decide which side should face me.

23.  I have once missed a Kingfisher flight because of a ground staff named Clive. I pissed him off and he took it personally.

24.  I have seen tiger shit ( shit = nown ).

25.  I get acidity from Idli.

Now, I expect few of the bloggers  to reciprocate by posting the same- Prof. Shakarotti, Sajita, G, Abha, Vee, Couchpapaya, Kaapi, Vibes, Angel, Amit, Smita, Ava, Bouncing Bubble, and some mysterious people like bittercharm. Those who have already posted 25 random things may choose to ignore or decide to reveal 25 secrets they have never disclosed online.  After all, who we actually are is defined by the secrets we keep.



1. whatsinaname - Monday, 2 March, 2009

Acidity from idlis? Gosh you are not my friend from this minute 😛
And how did you see a tiger shit? I mean hts off to your patience and guts ROFL!

~uh~: Good point. 24 edited.

2. couchpapaya - Monday, 2 March, 2009

lol i think i’ll never be able to read u without images of the eating bus ticket and drunken push up making me laugh

~uh~: Secrets make the real person. Accept it.

3. eye-in-sty-in - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

I hope everyone who reads this funny piece thanks me for tagging you 😀

Err.. Ur usage of red underwear put Superman out of a job 😀

lol @ shit = noun 😀

~uh~: You bet. I miss the red chaddi.

4. Abha - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

ditto on 7 and 12! cant whistle and didnt know how to wear glares on my glasses! :p

wow! FE! you have done it all. dope, sex, smoke and seduction! awesome! i guess compared to this my secrets are gonna be totally damp squibs! :p


~uh~: Hmmm. Let the skeletons out of the closet and let them sing & dance 🙂

5. Vee - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

Haha.. so Dev D chewing tkt would have brought lot of memories. I too did chew but prolly twice or so but do not remember in wot context. There is lot of similarity there.. I was hooked too to pot and more so during exams.. never got ODed (have quit though), have seduced, own many wristwatches and never played TT (diff reason though).. hehe.. that was cool… now I think I know you…

Thanks. I shall do it soon.

~uh~: Well I ‘ve shared only 25 timid ones 😉

6. Vee - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

Btw, I can whistle damn well, with and without fingers. 😉

~uh~: i can whistle without fingers too, but i cant do that ‘seeti’ thing…….

7. bouncing bubble - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

I posted mine minutes after you posted this. So its like I was the first one to read this and complete the tag (although you hadn’t tagged any of us then). 🙂 Just that I was too dumbfounded to comment.

waiting for more posts now!

~uh~: Dumbfounded ? Wait for the darker 125 secrets.

8. Poda! - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

u are freaking hilarious!! 9 and 15 almost made me spit out my morning coffee…..lolz

I am with Vee on the whistling thing….I can too whistle with or without fingers……hahahahahaha.!!

~uh~: I wish you were in my college. I know another lady who can. Did you ever adam-tease ?

9. Ava - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

bahhhhh big deal, I have had red underwear scores of times.

If pinky ever finds out you hated her, she is going to be scarred for life.

Thanks for the tag but its done already..


~uh~: Red underwear is a subject in itself. In Mexico, On New Year’s Eve, those who want to find love in the new year, wear red underwear and yellow if they want money.
Sorry to re-tag, as am yet to be socio-blogically active.

10. Shakarotti - Tuesday, 3 March, 2009

Aha! That much for the poor skeletons tumbling outta closets 😉

Any self righteous man worth his salt would love to preserve a red underwear…..! Ask Vee.

I hope to see a tiger shitting 😀

Okay…once when I was in school, we travelled to New Delhi from Udaipur by train to attend a cultural event. It was a group of 12. I was the only boy.

I didn’t share this secret with nobody 😀 😀

~uh~: Okay that’s Sl # 1. You have to list 24 more…:)

11. Smita - Friday, 6 March, 2009

Awww!!! u hated her for the pig tails 🙂 bad manners!!!!

BTW even I can not type a smiley without smiling and sometimes i feel silly doing that 😉

~uh~: I CAN type smileys being a poker face :-D, it needs practice

12. Shyam - Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Now, someone please educate me- what is tagging and what is this about 25 secrets et al? So if somebody ‘tags’ me twice, does that mean at least 50 relations have to break, because of me?:D
UHFE, “your any answer not”
Superman out of a job, a KG-pig tail-hate story, obsession to elephantine gends (balls is unparliamentary, when associated with live things including stationary elephants in public), tigerian evolutions, pot-ty and lure-y stories … kya baaki hai?
Wonderful start to a lazy day!!
Keep cumming up with such cigrets!

~uh~: Its a viral floating around in facebook too. One cannot tag you twice, though diff people can. However, you are free to reveal whatever you want 😉

13. Somak - Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Besh maujadar secret to. Aro kichu secret lekho.

~uh~: dekhle hobe? khorcha aachhe!

14. bittercharm - Thursday, 12 March, 2009

I feel out of league here… But will leave the comment anyways, you sure do are very funny. I used to come here coz of your wits but you have some guts man “superman tryna seduce a prof. to score well by doing pushups, eh? And I can type smileys too even when I am not amused or sometimes even when m angry, just to keep myself from saying something nasty.

~uh~: lol…..yeah the seduction fail is a bad scar 😦

15. witsnnuts - Saturday, 6 June, 2009

HA HA … really hilarious. .. !!!
~uh~: hmmmph.

16. Lynn - Friday, 19 June, 2009

#6 you OD’d on pot? is that even possible? can imagine how good it would have to be to actually OD. curious….#9 is hilarious, u deserved that one.
~uh~: Even i thought it’s impossible till I did. #9 was a ‘seduction fail’ 😦

17. Lynn - Friday, 19 June, 2009

of course i had to check out a post called dickipedia, that was great, i actually agree with all of them except sean penn (like him) i’ve never sen that before, inight have to use that one for my own blog. thanks.
~uh~: Check my stumbleupon page for more such hidden gems 🙂
Check-out Weirdos on the net on my other blog for more fun stuff.

18. sanjukta - Wednesday, 29 July, 2009

he he you are funny… I have heard elephant fart btw… beat that 😀

And oh..so heartbroken to find out that you are married 😛
~uh~: Don’t you know ‘All the good ones are taken (or gay) ‘ !

19. sitaji - Thursday, 20 August, 2009

Reading this makes me feel dirty.
~uh~™: Sach ka samna ?

sitaji - Monday, 24 August, 2009

Yes, dirty, so that I must face my own truth and dark side. I feel like I must go to confession, or at least make my own list. I’ll just say that I once took, I thought to secretly borrow, but never to return, a mini set of doll scissors from a playmate when I was about 8.
~uh~™: Everyone has their own share of secrets to carry to their grave, I guess. You can find solace here.

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