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5 practical ways to piss off the System Admin Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Office Humour.
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This post is cross posted from WTAWTAO . This is an original article and not taken from any forward mail.

Let me present you Five sure-shot ways to piss off the System Administrator/ IT Villain of the office. I have actually and successfully exercised Sl # 1, 2,and 5, but not in the same organization. Why there is a need to piss the sys-admin off is  altogether scope of another topic .

1. Send purchase request for expensive Licensed software applications and insist without them you are not able to perform your tasks. After 2 days ask him if he can just upgrade your mouse instead.

2. Take a screenshot of a complicated excel spreadsheet and save it as your desk-top wall paper. Close all the program windows. Then call the sys-admin saying your computer is not responding. When he discovers its a screenshot, look worried and ask him to change your login password immediately.

3. Put up a complaint saying your internet connection is slow. When he comes to check, casually ask if the coffee that spilled over the keyboard yesterday, has anything to do with it. Mention specifically that the coffee was black and without sugar and if Mozilla Firefox is more coffee-proof than Internet Explorer.

4. Request for a new DVD case. Call up the sys-admin asking if it’s alright to open the pack at home or anywhere else, as the pack mentions ‘Open Here’. Be sure to sound drop-dead serious.

5. Find out when is the next weekend system shutdown. Call up system admin during peak shutdown period and ask him if it was him who was driving a white car in western suburbs’ link road few minutes ago, with many kids inside . Ask him if all the kids belong to him. Don’t forget to mention that you are sorry to bother him at his personal time and wish him a good weekend.

ps: If you happen to be a system admin and happen to comment, do let me know which company you work for ( Just in case…..)


1. whatsinaname - Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Ah! Caught you!!! So, you were the one who was the cause of the resignation, depression, frustration, animation of my poor junior and ofcourse leading to increased work for me?
Where did you say you work now???? 😛

But seriously, I like point 1. This is like showing an American girl first to the mother so that later she can say yes to the Desi girl you love! 😀 Quite a bargain that!

~uh~: I don’t work. I am a freelance food taster. I taste food and tell my clients whether its good or bad.

2. Rofl Indian - Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Though I am not quite initiated to the idea of having a system admin around, I can very well connect to the idea of pissing him off. And when you are ‘through’ with him, you can safely send him over to me… 😀

PS: Do you keep

~uh~: See to have a system admin you need to have a system which need to be administered. Historically, it is a good idea to piss of any administrator within a system, though the outcome may not be necessarily hilarious from his perspective.
I would love to recommend a ‘sick’ sys-admin to you for ‘proper treatment’.
ps: pls see next comment

3. Rofl Indian - Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

My incomplete comment somehow self-sent-itself! Is it system admin failure?
Yes, I was asking if you keep tiffin-box-capacity-estimators with you on food tasting assignments!

~uh~: Sys-admins are normally dehydrated and suffers from SDPD which can lead to eating incomplete comments.

I normally render my professional food testing services work on-site, sometimes with junior assistants, but i don’t mind carrying back samples in a tiffin box for further analysis.

4. Kartikey - Tuesday, 31 March, 2009


~uh~: 🙂

5. gauri - Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

ROFL! Esp. @ 3 & 4.

~uh~: ah !

6. Ava - Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

Hehe, not a forward eh?

My sys ad is a real sweetheart. I wouldnt hassle him for the world.

~uh~:how boring !

7. Vee - Thursday, 2 April, 2009

Hehehe.. I guess I will do 3rd sometime..

4th… yea fun but eeekkks….. don wanna look silly even in joke… 🙂

~uh~: 😀

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