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When Men Think Hard to Decide Thursday, 2 April, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Dark Secrets.
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1. Whether to settle for 36′” waist for 38″ for the trouser. This is a real test of  man’s will power and perseverance. While the wife and salesman insist on 38, the man is sure that either the measuring tape is wrong or it’s some kind of conspiracy by the garment makers, to make him look horizontally generous. (This is one embarrassing experience to tell anyone, though).

2. To decide between a white shirt and a light blue shirt. Considering the fact , that he has only 4 whites and 3 light blues, logically light blue should be the obvious choice. But white goes well with any trouser, which means white is a  definite time-saver. Most of the time a light blue and white stripe is the best way to get rid of this dilemma, but usually that one is always unavailable in right size. (Man can’t ask anyone to take this decision, sulks and buys both)

3. While renaming the porn folder. Obviously it can’t be named as ‘porn collection’. On the other hand, it may create interest to the other user if it’s called ‘not porn’ or ‘definitely not porn’. Some men name it as ‘self help’ which intelligent user can easily decipher. Others try to camouflage it behind movie names like ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’ or ‘House of the Dead Part-III’ which no one would bother to see ever.  Men think the safest way is to rename it with something very boring and matter-of-fact like ‘system files’, ‘winzip back-up’ or ‘professional stuff’ or ‘ merger notes’. One of my intelligent colleague, after much deliberation named his folder ‘Reviewed and Passed’. Another smart idea is to simply name it as ‘New folder’. ( Though i feel ‘Newd Folder’ is much better)

4. Whether negligee is better or a translucent see through night gown?  Hell, why can’t they simply sell translucent see through negligee? (He buys both and gives the path-breaking suggestion to the salesgirl)

5. In the shop the man wants it flavored, in the pack of assorted ten. It’s not available so he has to choose between long-last in tens or colored in threes or jumbo twenty-five pack of regulars. (What the heck, he simply withdraws and buys chilled beer instead).

6. Whether they are natural or padded? Is there any hidden engineered device or the off shoulder is stuck solely on will power?

7. To overtake and watch her on rear view mirror or drive alongside at the same speed.

PS: The list no way claims to exhaustive but boasts to be universally applicable.


1. Rofl Indian - Thursday, 2 April, 2009

I know of a guy who hid his files in a folder called ‘English Speaking Course’. Or was it English Speaking (Inter)Course? Rofl.
Any idea of what men really think of camera phones? Would like to have your comments on that 😉
Rofl post.

~uh~: The essence of Camera phone is can be explained by the title ‘Zoom barabar Zoom’ ! Most of the candid video’s are captured on a camera phone are cool ‘You tube’ material.
I know of a guy who created a password protected hidden folder and then forgot the password. He must be in FML.

2. Serendipity - Thursday, 2 April, 2009

Hahaha! My male friends used to refer to is as the ‘Real Mc Coy folder’
~uh~: That’s humble and honest.

3. Serendipity - Thursday, 2 April, 2009

uff. typo. refer-to-it-as.
~uh~: tongue twister!

4. eye-in-sty-in - Friday, 3 April, 2009

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laughs… I’ll “porn”der over it 😀
~uh~: 🙂

5. whatsinaname - Friday, 3 April, 2009

How many of these are picked up from real-time? 😛
Lemme guess. I guess ALL of them.

Good to know men do think at times!

~uh~: Typical W, asking a question and then guessing it herself.
Sure, men do. At times.

6. Smita - Friday, 3 April, 2009

Tcchh Tcchhh!!!!

Shocked to know that men can make decisions for these life n death kind of situations!!!!

~uh~: Jerk of truth is shocker than friction………

7. Vee - Friday, 3 April, 2009

To itch or not in public…:)

Newd Folder is the bestest option..

~uh~: Like someone wise once said ‘ To itch its own’….

8. Anand - Saturday, 4 April, 2009

lol. Let’s all CUM together and think about it.

~uh~: That would be Cuminapan…

9. Abha - Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

oh! the things men have to worry about!! 😉

thanks for the laughs uh! 😀


~uh~: you don’t seem to bothered…eh? 😉

10. Dinesh Babu - Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

LOL on newd Folder, nice post!
~uh~: Welcome 🙂

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