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Nimbu Marke: Bheja Fry movie review Thursday, 9 April, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Bollywood.

This is one of my old review on mouthshut cross posted here.



One of the most versatile & universally used derogatory words in India. Albeit not fit to be used in formal printed & broadcasting media, but this one single word encapsulates enormous connotations. Is it the desi version of simple Idiot, fu*ker or sucker?  Probably beyond.  When I was in Delhi I understood, that chu*iya cuts. Like cutting a sorry figure, one can also cut a chu*iya in front of others.

Not only a person; a place, a film, a book, an event, a song – everything is liable to be a chu*iya, if one wishes to express sheer distaste for the same.

Some definitions:

1. Mild expletive in Hindi. Not offensive among friends and VU while driving on Indian roads (Yeah! Who knows better than a hallowed driver?)

2. A uniquely Indian expletive, endearing and rather harmless compared to other abuses, classifies the recipient as either an idiot, or an ignoramus or someone behaving stupidly.

3. Who can write an introduction like this & the people smiling reading this.

I wonder who is not a chu*iya? Isn’t one chu*iya calls someone else a chu*iya? Idiot kya Insaan nahin hota? So at the end are we not all idiots, cumulatively ?

Some wise man said, ” When in doubt, make a fool of yourself”. If a traffic cops stops you behave like a chu*iya and get away quickly.

Similarly, when excess of sanity prevails, go for “Bheja Fry”, the film. Unlike the title suggests, it did not fry my brain (whatever residual is left, that is) but left my jaws paining. Bheja fry, the dish is a preparation made out of goat brain, deep fried. Naturally, it’s not for the grumbler. It’s best – Nimbu marke.

Bheja Fry is a remake of French Le Diner De Cons (The Dinner Game,) a debut effort by director Sagar Ballary.

Story & Cast

Anil Thadani (Rajat Kapur) is a high profile affluent businessman who has a urban friends circle with a niche stress busting practice called talent dinner. Each Friday night, members bring one “talent” for dinner who entertains them. The member who brings in the best idiot in one round, wins. Anil is desperately seeking a talent for the dinner next Friday. Bharat Bhusan (Vinay Pathak) a devoted singer gets discovered by one of Anil’s friend en-route an Bombay-Pune Volvo, who refers him to Anil. BB is an employee of Income Tax office and also a cricket fan. Sheetal (Sarika) is Anil’s wife, who is displeased and dejected with his idiotic talent dinners. She decided to leave Anil, but not before getting another Chevrolet for herself. Men will be men, wives will be wives.

Anil, from an accident acquired backache and becomes partially handicapped. The main story starts when he calls Bharat Bhusan (BB) in his house on Friday evening before the talent dinner. His wife leaves, BB comes in & the talent dinner does not happen. But Anil’s life is not same anymore. Anil, in the effort to bring Sheetal back home takes help from BB. BB with his songs, innocence and clinical approach to phone conversations makes Anil’s & everyone else life a complete mess. Three more character’s gets entangles- Milind Soman, an old friend of Anil & ex- lover of Sheetal. Ranvir Shorey, collegue & “bestest” friend of  BB, another Income tax officer. Suman Rao- (Bhairavi Goswami) a nymphomaniac and ex flame of Anil. All the character’s are connected and contribute their two cents in the mess, cooked up by BB.

The entire core part of the story is shot inside the house of Anil, mostly dialogue based, in a theatrical manner between BB & Anil. The result is a fast paced satire, a laugh riot which made me laugh out loud (har har har  kind) and resulted a pain in my jaws.


Vinay Pathak in the character of Bharat Bhusan is remarkably brilliant. Actually, he is the heart & soul of the movie. Foe the first time Vinay overshadows everyone else, including Ranvir. His character play with behavioral customization, body language, smile and singing not keeps the audience glued with a laughter, but makes Bharat Bhisan alive. BB is a symbolic idiot, who’s passion & devotion of music is much larger than his talent on singing. Observe his expressions while opening the combination lock of his briefcase, untying the red string and taking  his melodious biography out of the plastic bag. He does it at least 10 times in the movie. His declaration “it’s ringing” before starting a conversation and ” Redial” after re-calling is itself a statement. Overall he is the best part of the movie. Oh yes, his laugh haw haw haw needs a special mention.

Rajat Kapoor- With his typical “Corporate” look & polished vocabulary he fits well into the role. He is the next main character to carry the movie. In my opinion it’s one of his best performance so far. He starts as a smart talent hunter and gradually transforms into a chu*iya. He does it convincingly well. Great performance as a dumped husband, old  friend & a cool gentleman.

Milind Soman- A comparatively short but important role to establish the links between ex-flames of Sheetal & Anil. His screen equation with Vinay came our exceptionally well. He had a great natural laugh scene, did it enjoyably! Also, I never knew his singing was so good. Surprised.

Ranvir Shorey- A partial disappointment. He was not used in a justified way. He plays a stiff IT officer and overacts the stiffness in whatever short screen presence he has. If Vinay excelled in his satire, Ranvir failed to be comical. I love Ranvir, but could not accept this.

Sarika- A good support of Anil. Could not do much, as Vinay overshadowed. Bechari, running away from old hubby, bangs a tree with her new Chevvy.

Bhairavi Goswami- A dumb bimbo in white, well done. I wonder why bimbos keep their mouth always half open?

Dialogues are continuous, in plenty and exceptionally witty. There’s nothing great about the music but fits the ambience. Vinay’s numerous songs are the greatest music. Because of the long shots inside the living room set, the audience tends to get inside the set mentally, after some time. The camera work almost let me felt as if I was sitting in one of the sofa while watching Anil & Vinay talking. It was as good as watching a theatre from front row.


It’s more like a TV sitcom, less a cinema. But, go watch it for Vinay, have pure laugh for 90 minutes. See who’s chu*iya, who’s not.

Ps: I read Mr. Khalid Mohd rating this movie 1 star in HT. After seeing this movie alI I can say he took the character of Ranvir too personally. I expect some more responsible opinion from a honed movie critic on a national daily. Not all audience and reader’s are chu*iya, Khalid.



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