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Shivaji: Who Says Rajini Can’t ? Thursday, 9 April, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Tamil Movies.
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Rajini Can

Rajini Can


Art is beyond the mere barriers of language, milieu & creed. Cinema being a form of Art, its a language in itself. It’s the language of color, language of music, language of body (especially that of the heroine) & language of action that attracted me to Sivaji. After seeing it I was enlightened again about the importance of one rupee coin in life. So, I tossed it to decide whether I should write this review or not. The review won.

This review is my humble effort to demonstrate that-

a)       One doesn’t necessarily need to understand the spoken language to see & appreciate a film.

b)      Sivaji is a complete family entertainer, especially for grown up kids.

c)       When there is a will there is a way.


Before Interval (I know I am writing too much but I need to make sure that I understood the plot correctly)

Sivaji (Rajnikant, our hero) is an US returned scholar who possess multiple degrees & holds credit cards, debit cards, passport, international driver’s license & a green card. He has a sidekick cum assistant played by Vivek, who I found to be very handsome & funny. Sivaji had some boring plans to build useless Real Estate like Universities, charity Hospitals etc etc which is not liked by the sweet & puffy villain AdiSeshan (Suman). Adi Seshan proposes more exciting options like Mall & Multiplex, 5 star Hotels & other hot destinations. But Sivaji, being a victim of honestly & handwork chooses the tougher path to go alone. His get his first kick in his G, trying to seek statutory approvals for his projects in the orthodox way. Kicked, he distributed “bags” to the officials & approvals are cleared in no time.

Sivaji finds her love in life in a girl named Tamil (I hope I got that right!), discovered in a temple. Unfortunately, the girl who works in a music instrument shop, is fairer & pooper than Sivaji. Also, the black mouthed astrologer (who has black spots in his tongue) foresees disaster if she married Sivaji. But Sivaji doesn’t believe in superstitions & becomes adamant to marry her. 3 songs & many more romantic family level encounters later she agrees happily.

Meantime, Adi Seshan buys the official out & an evil conspiracy is planned. Sivaji falls in the trap, loses all his property & literally comes to the road. He even he loses his Suitcases, Mercedes S class to pay advance to his lawyers. He tosses the coin just before the interval to decide whether he should fight back or retreat.

I – N – T-  E – R – V – A – L

Second Half

Sivaji’s coin toss compels him to adopt the age old strategy: “Loha lohe ko katka hai”. He sources the RS 200 billion (13 zeros, precisely) black money hidden inside unsuspected places like rice bags, well water, gobar etc. He converts the back money to white dollars through hawala & entraps Adi Seshan. After many more songs & encounter with the corrupt officials he completes his Project, gets arrested, loses his love, dies.

Will he be alive again? Will he be able to fulfill his dream? What happens to Tamil?

Will truth win over evil?

Spoiler warning

Dead Sivaji is recovered by his friends & well wishers ,revived to life secretly & returns as a Vinod Kambli- like bald look as MGR & kick ash of Adi Seshan. Currency notes flies in the air, Adi Seshan dies.

Spoiler ends here.

I have not understood 90% of dialogues completely, but I did understood dialogues like “cool” which is time & again uttered by Rajni. Then there was ” gimme a break” & “that was a coincidence” which gave me vital clues on the plot.

Also there was a seeti maar dialogue about Adi Seshan & Alseshan (Alsatian, the dog) which was quite funny as everyone was laughing, so I laughed loudly too).

~uh~ gets knocked out by the following-


Shriya Saran- To me she comes before Rajni. What a look, man. What a figure (Size “A” as disclosed in the movie). Her looks are impeccable, her belly button divine. Her expressions & smiles can melt polar ice caps. She is a great dancer too. She fits in traditional Indian, western attire with ease. I wish Rajni were a bit younger to court her. The current pair looked a little skewed age wise, but that’s absorbed. She is fairer too, but everything is fair in love & Rajni movies. I wish she enchanted us in Hindi films too.

Rajikant the superhero- Nothing less is expected from him & he fulfills is all aspects, dialogues, style, drama, action, emotion. He rocks the screen. I was amazed to note that he has quit on screen smoking, but only to replace it with chewing gum. Throwing a chewing gum was never so cool.  In Sivaji the fans were also lucky to see a fair Rajni, a visual delight. Rajni is much techno savvy now with his voice enabled password to his IBM notebook. I will describe the amazing scenes separately, but to summarize- Rajnikant was, he is & he will be. Period.

Suman the Adi Seshan– He is a sweet cuddly villain. Very handsome & stylish in his dhoti & Ray Ban. But his evil side is surfaced when he folds & tightens his dhoti above his knees, oiled the dunda to beat Rajni black & blue. He is a true depiction of power & prowess. He dies a relevant & symbolic death under heaps of currency notes, asphyxiated.

Songs- The first song in the greens under the blue sky is a visual treat to eyes. Huge put bellied gentlemen with slim sexy womenfolk danced around Rajni. The male bellies were painted as faces of lions, tigers, designer pots & finally the face of Rajni. The scene with 100 painted faces in the bellies thumping & original Rajni at the center was superbly orchestrated.

Then there were the translucent colored glass number & another tech-no western number which moved me. Finally the action packet Desperado influenced Latino number that steals the show. Rajni stops a bullet by simple staring at it. He also fires a missile from his guitar case. Awesome.

Scenes- The description of all my favorites may spoil the prospective viewer’s expectation & exceed the character limit of this review. The entire Cinematography is mind-blowing. Hence I will only hint on the special scenes, which must have cost a fortune to Director Shankar.

Musical fight scene – Rajni beats up a gang in Tamil’s music shop. Any musician would faint seeing the extent of damage to musical instruments.

One man Army fight– See it to believe it, Rajni fights hundreds of armed men single handedly, Matrix style. Few of the men later joins him, indebted as Rajni brings supplied to them in hospital.

Stabbing scene-Rajni stabs a minister in his office to get his sign. The dagger is a designer piece with an eagle in it’s grip. A pre-organized doctor stitches his stomach, without anesthesia of course. Part of the scene is shown as if the camera is placed inside the stomach.

King Kong Scene– Rajni fights many cars driving his Toyota SUV in the drive in theatre, finally he flies his car & rips the screen & enters the mouth of a screaming King Kong. Repeated showing of this scene can cure lunatics.

The shock scene- a beaten to half-death Rajni disconnects an high voltage electrical supply cable and self-shocks to & death.

The movie ends. Another Rajnikant fan is born……..



Ps: ~uh~ does not understand Tamil so asks for forgiveness if any factual error is noticed.

The comments on the old post can be read here.


1. bouncing-bubble - Friday, 10 April, 2009

Have read this earlier and commented as well. Just wanted to add that its better u didn’t understand the language, as most dialogues were more like poking fun on Rajni’s dignity. Ofcourse due to the various masala feature this movie clicked as a good TP. But the fact that everything is fair in Rajni movies was proved wrong in his next venture.(Kuselan-which really irked Rajni fans).

Since you’d appreciate good cinema, I guess you may be very impressed with “Veyyil” (a Tamil movie with not-so-popular actors).

~uh~: I could guess than from the body language of Rajini, however I did miss some of the jokes where the entire auditorium exploded with laugh.
The biggest attarction of Rajini movies are innovation and radical scenes, like the King Kong jeep jump and the tiger painted pot bellies !
Thanks for suggesting Veyyil. I have noted in my viewing agenda. On the MS comment section others have suggested few good Tamil movies too. I was always a big fan of all regional language movies and used to see them all at DD on Sunday afternoon.
Thanks for commenting again 🙂

2. Nutty Martian - Friday, 10 April, 2009

Would you believe it if I said I enjoyed your review more than the movie. You writing is fantabulous(Man I always wanted to use that word somewhere ;))

yea Rajni is fun all the way but seriously getting tired of it all now. And at 55 he needs to at least consider refraining from romantic scenes. We are missing all the fun!

And with Rajni around sadly most Tamil films are generalized. And just one word for the review ~uh~

cooool!!! (did u notice the way he says it )

~uh~: Yeah, it’s difficult for superheros to get into ‘aged’ mode. Amitabh suffered from this syndrome and wroked on a series of blunders like Jadugaar, Toofan etc. May be Rajini needs a makeover and comeback as ‘Godfather’ kinda role.
It was cooouul to see you here !
Thanks for the good words, your blog is fantabulous too !

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