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Excuse me too, Please: Movie review of Dhoom-II Monday, 13 April, 2009

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This is one of my old post cross posted here.


Unfortunately, you have to walk over this, to read my review of Dhoom-II directed by Sanjay Gadhvi.

Have you seen the following movies?

  1. Day of the Jackal (remake with Bruce Willis)
  2. Shalimaar (yes, the one with Dharmedra & Rex Harrison)
  3. Mission Impossible two (MI-2)
  4. Bunty aur Bubbly
  5. Josh (Ash plays sister of SRK !)
  6. Dhoom-1 (Predecessors to D-2)

If you have seen the first 3 of the above, you may proceed further. If you haven’t, no worries. Probably, you have seen the last three. Read on.

Next set of questions-

  1. Have you ever been heavily drunk to believe that either you can walk on air or direct a movie?
  2. Have you ever stoned yourself so high, that you thought either you are a spaceship or you can direct a movie?
  3. You like  watching Ripley’s, Guinness or World’s most amazing videos?

Yes? Good. Please read ahead.

You believe in the following facts-

  1. A hero in Hindi films can do anything. Absolutely anything.
  2. A thief can be a hero too, if it’s Hritik Roshan.
  3. The security personnel of any museum, art gallery or fort anywhere in the world are always deaf, blind, numb and dumb.
  4. An economic situation is possible when Sensex goes 22% high, Nifty 30% low.
  5. You can travel International flight with somebody else’s boarding card. Passport? What’s that?
  6. Hindi cinema has nothing to do with Physics (Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism, Gravity etc) or Newton’s laws of motion? The same is with James bond movies, why blame Hindi cinema then?
  7. Hindi movie director does’nt need to bother about continuity or logistics in the story. There’s nothing called “goofs”. Its action cinema.
  8. Hritik looks like a Greek God. Rather statue of a Greek God.
  9. Ash is like goddess, even in Hot pants, Jumpsuit, or nightwear.
  10. Uday Chopra will give a good competition to John Abraham. In Biking and Bip-ing ( a new term- when you are too much into Bipasha Basu).
  11. Bips is a goddess too, but only in Bikini.
  12. A movie is incomplete without romance, weeping, sentiments, drama, and song and dance.
  13. End of the movie we should have our “Paisa Vasool”.

You tend to agree?  Great! Then you must watch Dhoom-2.

Plot & Cast

Hritik plays an international thief & disguise master “Aryan” who wants to mark his signature “A” on world map. Jai is Abhishek; the supercold & toughest cop, assigned the task to nab “A” zinda. Uday Chopra is the same Ali as in D-1. Bipasha ( Sonali Bose) is Jai’s batchmate in college and his colleague now. She joins the police force in a jeans and Ganji and quickly vanishes before intermission. She returns as her twin sister (Monali rhymes well with Sonali) wearing beautiful bikinis in Rio, Brazil. Ash plays Sunehri. She is a thief turned informer turned thief turned lover turned waitress. “A” steals only perfect and priceless preserved Object-de-art, from all over the world. He follows numerology for choosing the date, which fortunately, is deciphered only by Jai and accepts the challenge. Jai chases Aryan from Mumbai to Brazil via Junagarh and finally confronts him. There’s some drama, twist and turn before a happy-happy ending. It’s a win-win situation at the end, remember Bunty aur Bubbly ?


D2 is not about any great story or direction. You have agreed with me on the facts stated above. D2 is about attitude & style. Who is cool? Jai. But, Aryan is cooler. It’s about more style, more attitude, stance, drama. In Bengali there’s a local term called “Keta“, there’s no equivalent word in English. D2 is all about keta. Who overshadows whom? Who is more stylish, Who has more “Daring”? Who performs better stunts? Who ‘s the hottest babe? Ash or Bips? Hot pant or bikini? Sand surfing or freehand skydiving? Water scooter or roller skates? The list is long. May the best man win. Let’s toss a coin?


Major credit goes to the stunt director. Stunts are real awesome and international standard. We have our own MI-2 now. Then next major contributor is the make-up artist. We have our version of Day of the Jackal, now. The balance credit goes to the director for using Uday Chopra well. Ali is the only link between D1 & D2 with his dream sequences intact. Ali has improved to near perfection to annoy Jai and entertain the audience. Any credit left? Oh! I forgot the actors. The dumbest is like, I think Ash, she is somewhat like a bimbo and her lingo like reminds me like Josh. If you like reading this paragraph like this, you will, like enjoy her dialogues like. Hritik is heroic & suits everywhere, refer fact 1,2 & 8. Abhishek will ultimately freeze I think, he is getting cooler & cooler, day by day. The director had left Bipasha with nothing to do, except playing an item. Rimi is pregnant and has a role of 10 mins. She will probably deliver Jai’s offspring in D3.

Remarkable Scenes

The first train robbery scene in Namibia desert. The scene will force Newton for a rebirth. Tyre marks of the jeeps used for shooting are also seen in the aerial view.

The stealing of Diamond using remote controlled gadget. Shalimaar was much dramatic and convincing.

Great stunts are spread all over entire movie, save some sentimental romantic dramabazi.

Reversed Russian Roulette between Sunehri & “A”. I thought, the game is always played suicidal.

Fact no 4 is observed at the footer in a TV news, while “A” donated his boarding card.

We have helicopter, train, bikes, roller-skating, sand-surfing, paragliding, sky-diving, bungee jumping, water scooter, water skiing, bikinis, six-packs, great dances, 1000 beach babes, Carnival @ Rio, superb locations, great chases, explosions, guns & gizmos, holographic projections, lip lock between Ash- Hritik.

Is it not enough in 150 bucks? Bachhe ka jaan loge kya?

Best Dialouges

By Ali- “Hamare Nagpara mein aise hi doubledecker chor tha. Bhim aur nadeem. Ek pichhe se pocket marta tha, dusra aage se chain marta tha.”

Jai- “May the best man win”

Sunehri-” I am feeling hot, like.. “


If you want to watch D2 alone, buy two tickets. The empty seat beside will be useful to keep your Deemag (brain) out before watching! Enjoy!


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