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UnforgoTEN Monday, 13 April, 2009

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This is my old post cross posted from here.


After reading 10 best ads from the bygone era by one of the_Reviewer , nostalgia whelmed . Those pre-cable TV days, when our B&W ECTV in that sturdy wooden box, used to give us immense pleasure out of a singular channel. Waiting for our favorite serials at 9 pm, watching it at DD, with all in the family. Unadulterated, clean & absolute humour ruled my childhood.

This is my list of the memorable TV serials between  80’s & 90’s (probably, the Golden years of TV serials), which has created an eternal impression on my mind. Thinking about these serials, the opening jingles, the humour, the characters and the good time we generally had, may still bring smile to many of us.

Many bloggers have already put excellent reviews on the same subject. Nevertheless, good things in life, bringing freshness and joy, can always be recalled again and again.   This listing is restricted to humour genre (sitcom,
wit, satire, sarcasm or in other form) made in Hindi language.

Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (This thing called life) > 80 DD
Undoubtedly, this was the big daddy of the popular comedy shows. Directed by Kundan Shah the story was about Ranjit and his wife, his boss and her brother Raja. Characters played by Satish Shah, Shafi Inamdar as Ranjit, Swaroop Sampat as Renu, Rakesh Bedi as Raja, Tiku Talsania as the sweet & always-tensed boss will stay immortal. Satish Shah was the only variable character who played different roles including an unwanted guest, a mechanic, servant etc. Who will forget the hilarious ” Yeh kya ho raha hai?” (What’s happening here?) dialogue exclaimed by Tiku? In fact long time I remembered Raja before knowing his real name! After Shafi died, Farida Jalal added additional sweetness in the comeback of the series.

Karam Chand > 85 DD
Well, this was not exactly a comedy but a mystery series with a wit. But, it was full of humour with Pankaj Kapoor as the detective and Sushmita Mukherjee as Kitty . The famous carrot eating detective and his dialogue to his secretary ” Kitty, don’t be silly” was legendary. Probably this was one of the most ancient detective serials on DD. I still remember the way Karamchand used to walk- fast, cautious & confident! Karamchand was absolute fun filled and satisfying!

Nukkad > 86 DD
Again, not exactly comedy. But full of fun, frolic and life straight from Mumbai streets. The immortal characters Guru, Guptaji, Teacherji, Hari and the unforgettable Khopdi , churned out great episodes of simple life of a local mohalla! Dilip Dhawan, Reema Lagoo & Rama Bhij was excellent in portraying their roles. I still remember the simple studio set with the stairs going up to the main road, the Pan shop etc. I used to wonder whether Khopdi was actually a drunkard, as later he was used as it is in silent movie Pushpaka, this time a rich drunkard.

The title song “.. bade shahar ki badi gali main…basa hua hai….Nukkad” was synonymous to 9 pm weekdays! It lingers on still.

Wagle Ki Duniya ( Wagle’s World) >88 DD

Satire again. Wagle & Radhika. Representatives of middle class husband wife. Played by Anjaan Srivastav & Bharati Achrekar   entertained us with their conversation on regular matters. The episodes took us to very simple things of everyday life, sentiments, and happiness and left us with great entertainment. Wagle as an ” aam-admi” is immortal in his way of living life. I remember when he challenged his wife, that he can run the household in an economic way and by mid month overshot the budget. Wagle apparently looked like a loser, but he gave us tips to be a winner. Always.

Jaban Samhalke (Mind your language) 88 DD
Desi version of “Mind your language”. Hilarious, with Pankaj Kapoor as the Class teacher of a bunch of weird students from around the country and different parts of world to learn Hindi! I am sure the bubbly girl with curly hair was liked a lot by all. Other memorable characters were the Arab Sheik with his weird Hindi pronunciations and the Sindhi guy..!

Dekh Bhai Dekh>88 DD
Probably the next best sitcom after YJHZ. This was about a family full of insane members with their bizarre behavior. Sekhar Soman ruled this sitcom with his family members played by Navin Nischol, Shushma Sheth and Farida Jalaal.

The jingle “is rang badalti duniya mein Kya tera hain kya mera hain Dekh Bhai Dekh…Dekh Bhai Dekh!”(In this world of changing colours, nothing belongs to you & me, brother !”)

Probably I have killed the song brutally with my horrible translation. Please someone do justice in right Angrezi.

Mr. Yogi >89 DD
Remember Mohan Gokhale? The lean and thin guy played an NRI named Yogesh, who returned to India in search of his bride? Directed by Ketan Mehta, Sutradha r- the desi Superman played by Om Puri to narrate the middle-notes. Each episode had a unique story of his search and a tragicomic end. It entertained me, without fail. The only bad parts I remember was the bulging belly of Sutradhar and his wrinkly underpants over the somewhat loose bodysuit. Other wise it was just hilarious!

Flop Show> 89 DD
Brutally humorous. The Sardar called Jaspal Bhatti was the mis-director and played the lead role with his wife Savita Bhatti. Bhatti and his assistant Vivek Shauq ripped apart the flimsy robe of intellect we wear in our corrupted society. The topics ranged from strategy for theft by studying drawings to find weaker walls in an apartment, dead telephones, meetings at office, chief guests etc! Jaspal Bhatti taught me laugh at myself. Once, Bhatti visited a friend at Hospital with a bunch of sugarcane, as fruit! This serial was satire at its best.

Shriman Shrimati ( Mr & Mrs) > 89 DD
This was about the daily life of a married couple. Probably influenced by a Western series. One of the serials, which I waited on every Sunday morning, and used to enjoy. Jatin Kankaria, Rakesh Bedi, Archana Puran Singh and Reema Lagoo were at their best. Rakesh played the Dilruba. Jatin’s role later in film “Khoobsoorat” was memorable ( divine light !)  This serial had a second innings called Shriman Shrimati 2, which was not at all comparable. It may be noted that Rajan Waghdhare, the director was previously editor of YZHZ! He also directed Colgate Top 10 (Reference here) .

Mungerilal Ki Haseen Sapne (The Sweet Dreams of Mugerilal) > 90 DD
Depicted dreams of a simple middle-class guy played by Raghuveer Jadav . This was his debut in TV just after Massey Sahib & Salam Bombay ( remember Chillum ?). Each episode was this simple man’s dream to do it big, and dream of beating his regular challenges -like making his wife listen to him! All his dreams remained dream. Raghuveer’s talent representing this no-body was conspicuous itself. Later he did excellent in Gayab . Rajpal Jadhav today reminds me of Raghuveer.

Other favorites include Subah, Chunauti, Fauji, Kile ka Rehesya, Philips top 10, Tenalirama, Malgudi Days.



1. g - Tuesday, 11 May, 2010

Yes! And Ados-Pados, Chhote-Bade, Idhar-Udhar…

Good times! 🙂

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