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Lets fool in love, again: Movie review of Red Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

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Why Red?

Vikram Bhatt’s last hit was 5 years ago, Awara Paagal Deewana. Next 7 films flip-flopped to black hole – Footpath (2003), Inteha (2003), Aetbaar (2004), Elaan (2005), Jurm (2005), Deewane Hue Paagal (2005) and Ankahee (2006).

As per law of average, Red should have been a blockbuster.

Water was in matinee and Red was at night. As I do when am thirsty, I chose Red over Water. After all it is said, ” If you are not Red, you are Dead”.

I tried to follow and enjoy the movie- drama, dialogues, scenes, dresses (or the lack of it) of Ms Jaitly, her legs & undergarments, the wrist-watch, cars, seriousness of the plot, songs of Himesh, murder, Amrita Arora, deceit, sex, eroticism.

Unfortunately, I could not justify the name of the movie and had an ensuing hangover next morning.

The movie was blissfully short, so for a change I will keep the review short.

Story & Cast

The movie starts with a dying Neil Oberoi (Aftab Shivdashani) donating his dog – a pug, his only companion. It was a symbolic representation of the fact that Neil is an emotional man preparing to die. Neil needs a change of heart clinically to survive.

Neil’s friend, a lady doctor is specialist in “heart transplant”, who encourages Neil to live. He luckily gets the heart of an accident victim. He gets a new heart & new life after the successful operation.  Recovered Neil is hell bent to know whose heart he is carrying, to thank his family. After much persuasion to the doctor, he is able to find the ata-pata of the heart donor named Anuj. Anuhita (better name than Celina Jaitly anytime) is the skimpily clad grieving (but not crying) widow of Anuj. On a typical hindi film rainy day he sees Celina and starts playing the peeping Tom. His voyeurism gradually turns into lust, which according to Vikram Bhatt is “matured love”.

Neil introduces himself & his heart to Anuhita to transform his first impression into lust impression.

Naturally enough Anuhita, a young radiant widow quickly gets into physical companionship in her house & even back seat of car.

Neil is advantageously bachelor and Anuhita is a widow, so their love story goes red-hot till further mystery gets unveiled. Anuhita discovers that Anuj was killed, conspired by her best friend Riya ( Amrita Arora) & a drug addict common friend Rocky. Anuhita plans to kill Rocky & Riya and Neil helps her execute the plan.

The friskily story moves on with a murder, a suicide attempt, few halfhearted love making scenes & some smooches shot in black & red. The drama unfolds to expose the darker side of the 3 main characters, when the police inspector Sushant Singh investigates the murder.

The movie tries to thrill & seduce with impotent vitality, and then ends predictably as an “I loose -you loose” situation.


Aftab and the legpeice

Aftab– a complete inert. He had an excellent opportunity as his character to express different colors. Unfortunately, he sees only red. While appreciating his brawn, I must say he miserable fails to express his lustful emotions. All he does is undress Celina onto her innerwear & smooches repeatedly, before the screen going red (justifying the name of the film, thereby). He not only looks like a man with someone else’s heart, also made me feel like he had the brain of another animal. A complete dud of a businessman’s profile. The dialogue sequences with police officer weakened his character further.

Celinaporn to be wild! What a waste of resource. She should have been in a different film industry where “acting” or “dressing” is unimportant. Her portrayal of grieving widow was poignant when she refuses Riya’s invite to go to discotheque. What a great sacrifice in life. Her dresses were more lucid than her expressions. She tries real hard to make love with Aftab. Her occasional panting with abnormal asthmatic recoil only ridiculed her turmoil & fear. Poor girl- showing her cleavage, inner wears could not save her from disaster. If she comes free for a night post dinner, ice-cream would be a preferred choice. Both are cold, but the latter would satisfy the senses better.

The total love making scenes adds upto circa 27 minutes in the film.

Amrita Arora– she is supposed to do a comeback with a “new & improved” packaging. She enacts a bitchy woman and delivered her dialogues suspended in cigarette smoke. She definitely has the potential to grow as yesteryears Shashikala.

Sushant Singh as Police Inspector – the only believable & real character in the movie. He is smarter than the lot. But more than himself, the credit goes to his two buffoon like assistants, the type last seen as comic relief in 60’s rotten thrillers.

Vikram Bhatt tried to create a broth of erotic crime drama by boiling  desire, greed and deceit. But the characters were so unreal, plot was so unconvincing, the format soaked in melancholic tune of Himesh gets slippery and the movie tumbles straight on its face. Showing just skin & blood does not reflect the dark side of human mind, if the plot is feeble.

Himesh-There’s are sufi like songs Afreen & Ameen nosed by Himesh, which pounds in the background while Neil-Anuhita quenched their primal thirst. I would not rather not comment on nasal cacophony.

There’s are sufi like songs Afreen & Ameen sung by Himesh, which pounds in the background while Neil-Anuhita quenched their primal thirst.


“I can kill in love , I can die in love, but I won’t be a fool in love” that’s the last dialogue of Neil in the movie.

We audience can’t be killed by a movie; we can’t kill a movie either, but definitely we can be made a fool. Fool in love.

Do watch this movie on a disc if you are a Vikram Bhatt, Aftab, Celina or Himesh fan.


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