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Adolescent Aphrodisiac: Best songs of Alisha Chinai Thursday, 16 April, 2009

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This is my old post originally posted elsewhere.

5 best songs of Alisha Chinai

No one wrote on this topic till today, and such a sweet topic was gathering dust lying on a dark & dingy corner of MS, which was excruciating for me.

Alisha Chinai did not sing a GB loads of songs. She has sung a handful of songs, (which may be within 700mb). Songs, which I personally don’t think anyone else, can do justice to. Her real name was Sujata, but she changed it to Alisha and later called Babydoll because of her sweet tender looks. But her looks never overshadowed her voice. She is also called Indian Madonna, but that’s beyond the purview of this topic.

Describing her voice is difficult for me, but let me try. Hearing her sing is equivalent to

  • Butterscotch with hot chocolate sauce on it…
  • A pure silk see-through nightgown…..
  • A boat rocking in a stormy sea….

Terming her voice simple “sexy” would not be good enough. Her voice release a kind of fluid passion, a silky feeling, a smooth sensation………err…I think you get the point.

Here go a list my favorites from Hindi movies over last 20 years-

Jeele Le Jeele Le(Tarzan 1985)

Jile le Jile le aiyo aiyo Jile le

Dooba dooba dooba dooba masti me

Kabhi kbahi kaliya mile hasti mein (?)

Translation– attempted but failed

I agree that our beloved Bappi Lahiri sings most part of this song. But still, as this one is her one of the earliest number, it has to feature here. I have not seen the visuals of this song, but can visualize the wildness from the lyrics. As a kid I wonders whats “jeele le”? How to do jeele le? When to do jeele le ?

Such poetic phrases coupled with her exhilarating voice always left my adolescent heart throbbing with uncanny euphoria. People who are more than 25 years old may recall how the usage of echo increased the quality of this song. It’s unfortunate to note that the tune was lifted from the Osibisa number Kelele kelele!

Tarzan o my Tarzan (Tarzan 1985)

A ja main sikhadu tukhe pyar kaisa ho……

An incorrect English translation of the song would be ” Come Tarzan, let me teach you how to make love”.

The point the song makes is what is love or how love happens not how it is made. The way this song is sung, no wonder Tarzan learnt anything & everything about love and the making of it. The only sad thing about this song is it was picturized on Hemant Birje/ Kimi Katkar ! Again, this song was part of my adolescent breathlessness.

Zuby Zuby (Dance Dance 1987)

Even after 20 years, I clearly remember the lyrics

Mera dil gayeja  Zuby…. ZubyZubyZuby

Ha… ZubyZubyZuby ZubyZubyZuby  ha ha ha…..

Translationmy heart will sing ZubyZubyZuby and further ZubyZubyZuby and go on & on ZubyZubyZuby….ha ha ha

Its one of the most memorable the super duper disco hit numbers from Mithunda & Mandakini. I think this was the first apparently meaningless phrase used in a Hindi film dance number. Later Tamma Tamma loge, Hai Huku Hai Huku Hai Hai, Gutoor-Gutoor,  etc followed. But zubu zuby zuby shined like ruby ruby ruby in those itemnumberless days.

Kaate Nahin Katt Te Yeh Din Yeh Raat (Mr. India 1987)

Kaate nahin katt te yeh din yeh raat..

kehni thi tum se jo dil ki baat

lo aaj main kehta hu i love you….

Translation: Spending days & nights was not a cakewalk as I tried to speak my heart out to say I love you.

This song was a lovely duet with Kishore Kumar.

Sridevi danced in her blue chiffon saari as if she was floating in heaven ( & no one is watching). One of the sexiext numbers picturized on Sridevi & rain. It was a classical rain number with wet sari & all. This song by default will feature in universal “top ten rain songs”.

Kajra Re (Bunty Aur Babli 2006)

mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le

barbaad ho rahe hai ji tere apne shaher wale


All you naughty citizens please keep your ogle away for me as all my peace is gone for a toss….

This was a comeback song for her after a long hiatus.

Picturized with Amitabh, Abhishek & Aishwaraya this number was a show stealer. First time in the history of Hindi music an aged & unaware dad danced like a drunk lampoon with his son & would be daughter-in-law. With voice of Alisha it was an instant super hit.  A bend-I- like-Aishwarya masterpiece.

It’s Rocking (Kya Love Story Hai 2007)

Ude Jab Jab Julfe Teri – 2

Kawaariyon Ka Dil Machale – 2, Jind Meriye

Jab Aise Chikne Chehre – 2

Toh Kaise Na Nazar Phisale – 2, Jind Meriye

(it’s Rocking, Yaara Kabhi Ishq Toh Karo

It’s Rocking, Maro Tum Ishq Pe Maro) – 2


The hair is fying in the air and spinsters are having heartache

The vision is slipping on his polished looks

You should fall in love now because it’s rocking

You should die in love now because it’s rocking

Translation wanted for the following lines

Chaahe Agar Yeh Dil Toh Kya Roshan Jahaan Karde

Isaki Inaayat Ho Toh Jarre Ko Khuda Karde

(main Sadke Jaanwaan, Ho Ishq Pe Yaara Main Sadke Jaanwaan)

I have not seen the movie. But I saw the song picturized on Kareena Kapoor. This is one of the powerful songs about love & its great virtues.


In my earlier post there was a huge discussion from Alisha Chinai fans. I got bashed in that comments section so need to add few more.

1. Made in India- I don’t like this song. I like the” Lover girl ” better from the same album. Being non-filmy both were excluded.

2. “Raat Bhar Jaam se…” (Tridev)– I dunno how I missed this. Sangeeta Bijlani was the damsel here. This number can easily replace Zuby Zuby. Thanks to readers for reminding. I will meet you in hell.

3. “Tinka Tinka Zara zara..” (Karam): Sizzling dame is Priyanka Chorpa, this time. On of her hottest & best.



1. Rofl Indian - Friday, 17 April, 2009

Yours is the second greatest timeless tribute to the pop diva. The first one was an emotional rendition in the film Jallad, way back in 1996, sung by Udit Narayan and Sadhna Sargam in their rich & evocative voices- Chinai Chun Chun Chinai Chun Chun. Half the nation wanted to weep on hearing this song.

Jeele le makes some sense only if you replace Jee with G, as in G le le…G le le

~uh~: Jallad….aah what a movie, what a song ! Mithun was in a negative role was named ‘Amavas’. Or was he in a double role?

Chinai chun chun chinai chun chun kya kehti hai dil ki dharkan dilbar mere sun chinai chun chun chinai chun chun ….aha!

G le le will be the apt answer to De de pyar de…

2. Rofl Indian - Friday, 17 April, 2009

In a double role….himself (Amavas) and his son. He wanted to play the role of Rambha too but TLV Prasad declined.

~uh~: ROFL. We must pay our homage to such….such…..timeless creations.

3. moviemaniax - Friday, 17 April, 2009

Yes I remember I mentioned about Tinka Tinka.. I too believe that’s her one of best too. AInvayee she is not called Indian Madonna.

4. moviemaniax - Friday, 17 April, 2009

Yes I remember I mentioned about Tinka Tinka.. I too believe that’s her one of best too. AInvayee she is not called Indian Madonna. (Vee)

5. Poetic Liberty or Crazy Songs ? « AEIOU ¿ ® - Thursday, 14 May, 2009

[…] Clearly, the weirdest lyrics ever heard, but just because of the oomph of the voice, the song is unforgettable. More discussions on this song can be found on my post on Best songs of Alisha Chinai. […]

6. aamir khan - Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

i love u

~uh~: heh ?

whatsinaname - Thursday, 28 May, 2009

rofl rofl rofl

7. Sophocles - Friday, 20 November, 2009

Zubi Zubi was a direct copy of “Brother Louis”…. perhaps they couldnt find any words to rhyme with Louis…(hmmmm…they could have thought of ooiii….mueee…chhuee….anyway…we digress)…

Alisha chinai is obviously versatile or she wouldnt have stuck around for so long…. tarzan to karam…but perhaps she should not try to get rid of her babydoll image ( as projeted during one of the previous Indion Idols)…

8. soemsh - Thursday, 3 June, 2010

i want to song of alisha chinai

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