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Jasmine Deshe Yadachar Friday, 17 April, 2009

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I had posted this review here, now cross posting here.

Faltoo info

There was no lift in the mall where the theater is built (single screen) on 4th floor. We had to take the escalators and were late to reach. By the time we entered the hall it was dark and title credits just started rolling. We could make out there were more than 10-12 people in the theatre, mostly concentrated on the RHS of the screen at the rear rows. My friendly neighbors told me that, the screen is skewed and it seems that the best viewing location is from the upper stall extreme right corner to have the screen look rectangular. The silver class or Balcony is strictly avoidable, as the screen looks like a distorted trapezium, which abidingly triggers headache to serious viewers. We chose C-23, 24,25 and remembered the seat numbers for future reference.

Why did I see this movie? [so that no one asks me the question]

Because there is this 2nd theatre opened in our area and we wanted to see how good it was (the theatre). The only confusing thing is the names of the two theatres. One is called Thakur Fame Cinema another is Thakur Fame Movie. Same same but Different ! There was TZP in all 4 shows in the nearer hall and we wanted to see a new release. Also I have seen other Kukunoor movies like Hyderabad Blues,Rockford, Teen Deewaren, Iqbal, Dor and liked them. Kukunoor movies generally have a strong script, memorable characters and messages which are quite heart touching .

The Plot

Shankar Singh [Shreyas Talpade] is a insipid cook in a Mumbai restaurant who accidentally finds a pouch full of dollars, left behind by a bunch of goons. The money belongs to “Khan”[Nasiruddin Shah] a noxious don. Khans’ son Jamal Khan, wants to be a rapper (like Snoop Doggy Dogg/ 2pac Shakur) is like to be known as Jam K [Vijay Maurya]. JamK traps Shankar, but fails to nab him. While Shankar plans to flee to Dubai to make it big, Khan commands a reluctant JamK and his two sidekicks to fetch Shankar and the money back.

Shankar fakes it (as doctor) and lands up with a team of doctors in a medical camp near Bangkok (the name of the place name sounded like something like Hyo Hyi). Shankar meets Jasmine [Lina Christiansen], who’s a club masseur to ‘make happy’ at night and volunteer at the camp during the day. Shankar hopelessly falls for the look of Jasmine and gradually falls in love irrespective of the language barrier, but still tries to focus on his ultimate goal- Dubai. Meantime he has to play a sexologist to cure harder problems and bear farts of aged Thai men. JamK follows Shankar. Shankar kisses Jasmine just before the interval.

In order to recover the dollars, which he has hidden inside a medical carton; he travels from Hyo-hyi to Bangkok as a pillion to Jasmine. On return, he falls further in love, with help of sardar translator Rash [Manmeet Singh]. Meantime, boxes of morphine gets stolen and Jasmine gets arrested, though everyone suspects Shankar is the main culprit. The story moves towards climax quickly & ends within 2.5 hrs.

1. Will JamK finally catch Shankar ?

2. Will Jasmine & Shankar ‘make-happy’?

3. Will Shankar be able to cook again?

4. Will the real medicine thief be caught?

5. Will JamK become a rapper?

6. Will JamK find his love?

7. Will Khan appear again in the movie?

8. Can you take kids to this movie?

9. Is it believable that it’s a Kukunoor movie?

[Spoiler warning

Answer to Q 1 to 6 – Yes. 7 to 9- No ]

My reason for writing this review

Vijay Maurya- If there is any valid reason to see this movie after reading this review, it’s for this guy. He outperforms as a wannabe gangsta rapper. Awesome attire (see pic), gesture & body language to the hilt. It would sound odd but I found him “extremely sweet” when he smiles. You may find I am going overboard, but like Pankaj Kapur in Halla Bol, this guy takes the cake.

Jeneva Talwar – So did this psychiatrist. She analyzed JamK’s mind and found it immensely interesting to be bonded with. Hilarious performance. She is attractive, but more attractive was their romancesub-plot . More screen presence to this couple could have saved the movie a bit.

Manmeet Singh as Rash – One of the best performance as a interpreter & friend of Shankar. Because of his innocent humour, down to earth characterization one can bear to sit through the movie. His dad says ” Rash jab dukhi hota hai, to khata hai”. Too good.

Music- Salim & Sulaiman did well for the number Dheere Dheere, its  soft & hummable.The picturization with the two riding a motorcycle goes well with the song. The number Same same but different, though catchy contains innate lyrics like “main bidi, tu cigar”. What’s more boring, that upbeat number “Bombay to Bangkok, rock baby rock’ is not present in the movie.Duh.

Food for thought for readers

Nasiruddin Shah- He has a role, which lasts less than 120 seconds. Who’s guest he was?

Lina Christiansen as Jasmine- All I would say she is very cute, plastic & flat (interpretation is upto reader’s imagination). Why did Kukunoor choose a Christian Sen when so many Hindu Sens was available? Her English was clearly fluent but why did she insist on talking in Thai?

Shreyas Talpade– Had nothing much to do except look like a confused smiley emoticon, while thinking or sleeping and anything in between. He even takes his own pants off once! His entire character & portrayal seemed shallow & useless, as if to commensurate the flatness of Jasmine. He tried his animated best, but the scriptwriter screwed him royally.

Other Characters- the doting geographical mother of Shankar, the fattoo heart specialist, the stupid brother of Jasmine, even the chief of the medical camp (remember the coma guy of Munnaibhai?) seemed like Jokers in a pack of cards.

Food- Visuals of insects (silkworms, scorpions) in food, vivid close ups of Indian cuisine would turn a glutton into Ghandiji. Can you cook a 16 course Indian lunch for 10 people in 30 mins? Well, Cook-u-noor can!

Direction– Kukunoor’s movie, was it? Probably, intention was to make a fun-romantic film. But half hearted sexual innuendos, awful locations & cinematography, unwanted scenes and most importantly gross misrepresentations & uninteresting portrayal of a foreign country makes this film a non-entertainer. Even Malad looks more posh & swank compared to the Bangkok shown in this film.

I further ponder, in Thailand…………..

Does men seek Viagra as their ONLY old age medicine?

Is sex the only hot business and girls sit inside a glass room like a commodity?

Does medical camp literally means white canvas tents all over a field?

I can’t answer these, may be those who has been there (done that), can.

Cook-u-Noor’s bland curry

This movie is neither a mushy romance, nor funny, neither there’s great showcasing of Thailand. If you are planning to watch this after this review, get a guy to translate 50% of the dialogues.

And yes, though there’s nothing to get you excited, but keep children away from this movie.

Ps: The title courtesy goes to one of my peer in Mouthshut.com now known as ROFL Indian, who used the phrase once, in one of his comment. The phrase in Sanksrit means ” When in Rome, do as Romans do”.


1. Liza Michael - Thursday, 27 May, 2010

If I had a greenback for every time I came to udtahaathi.wordpress.com! Incredible read!

2. Marion Merritt - Sunday, 30 May, 2010

Haha I’m literally the only reply to your great article!

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