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Da Kaddu- Reporting Saturday, 13 June, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Cartoon, Da Kaddu.
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Please read the first post of this series for the context.


I have made an effort to make the handwriting more legible than just good-looking. If you find difficulty in reading it, please click on the cartoon for a zoomed image.

The new character here is gIIMy, a promising young MBA and sidekick of da Kaddu.

Please accustom yourself to the Corporate Angrezi which Da Kaddu speaks, for better understanding.

Request to readers: If you can associate yourselves with this, do share [email to: flyingelephant@in.com] any real-life funny incident around you, which would fit into this series.


1. whatsinaname - Saturday, 13 June, 2009

Seriously the world today is all about bullshitting!
The more you bullshit, the higher you climb 😀
~uh~: Combine it with ‘perception management’ and you’re untouchable.

2. Witsnnuts - Monday, 15 June, 2009

gIImy seriously needs a
“Zubaan pe Lagaam” ..

‘Seriously’ funny ..
Cheers 🙂
~uh~: He is young, energetic and result-oriented.

3. Rofl Indian - Sunday, 21 June, 2009

Da Kaddu seriously needs to go to the gym 😀
~uh~: Yeah, there will be one strip on that 🙂

4. Da Kaddu- gIIMy’s Leave « AEIOU ¿ ® - Tuesday, 7 July, 2009

[…] who are not acquainted with gIIMy can know him here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Access Vikings:  Blog Archive  Britton […]

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