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Michael Jackson- Gone Too Soon Friday, 26 June, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Art & Literature, Graphics, Music.
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I’d rather hear both sides of the tale

See, it’s not about races, just places, faces

Where your blood comes from is where your space is

I’ve seen the light get duller

I’m not going to spend my life being a color

(Black or White)

Man in the Mirror.





Long Live the King.


Like me, if you been a Michael Jackson fan, have grown up listening to his music and think he was a legend,  an icon, one of the greatest artist,  performer  and entertainer the world has ever seen, add this ” I will Miss the Man in the Mirror‘” badge  at the top on your blog to pay your homage.

Please copy and paste the following code(s) on your text widget box.

The Card Badge

<a href=”https://udtahaathi.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/michael-jackson-gone-too-soon/”&gt; <img src=”https://udtahaathi.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/king2.png&#8221; width=”190″ height=”278″ border=”0″></a>

The Mirror Badge

<a href=”https://udtahaathi.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/michael-jackson-gone-too-soon/”&gt; <img src=”https://udtahaathi.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/maninthe-mirror.png&#8221; width=”190″ height=”181″ border=”0″></a>




May his soul R.I.P.


The concept and graphics presented here are my original artwork based on certain images found on the internet. Feel free to use them on your site as it is. Would appreciate if you mention the source.



1. Ava - Friday, 26 June, 2009

Yes I am sad too. Whatta Life. I am sure he was the best known singer EVER, all over the world. Even urchins knew who MJ was …
~uh~: One of the most popular icons of our times who changed the world with his music.

2. magicalsummer - Friday, 26 June, 2009

which of us growing up in the 80’s hasn’t danced to his music! hope he finds his peace at least now!
~uh~: Amen.

3. Ann Dee - Friday, 26 June, 2009

He’s a legend and will live on… lets not feel sad… I also dedicated a post on him
~uh~: It was a good post.

4. magicalsummer - Friday, 26 June, 2009

couldn’t get your image to display on my blog pach, but i must tell you, excellent work. for the nth time, i’m so glad you’re working with art again
~uh~: The Badge- please check if blogspot supports ‘png’ format in which the pictures are.
The syntax is working fine on my widget so, it should work on others too! Do let me know.
Thanks for the good words.

5. whatsinaname - Friday, 26 June, 2009

sad news indeed! Hope he rests in peace!
and lovely graphics. you should be in a creative field! why are you wasting your talent?
~uh~: Because i gradually get bored doing anything for which I get paid for :-/

6. nursemyra - Friday, 26 June, 2009

RIP Michael

7. Rofl Indian - Friday, 26 June, 2009

RIP Mike. You shall forever be remembered.

8. couchpapaya - Friday, 26 June, 2009

hey uh, the artwork is amazing. i know, i know stuck record, but hafta say it. was sad yesterday over the news, rip indeed!!
~uh~: Thanks, Bish.

9. Lynn - Friday, 26 June, 2009

i am a product of the 80s, i genuine talent was lost. i have recently heard the (NYDaily News)news that his aids told doctors he injected a dose of demerol and then his breathing got more and more shallow til he died. sounds like suicide? although i am sorry he died, i do feel curious about all the media he will be given. farrah fawcett dying yesterday will be completely overshadowed now. 2 iconic enigmas now gone…
~uh~: Life of such people are always under media attention, so is their death. VH1 was playing a tribute yesterday night- saw all is hits for over 2 hours. An emotional trip.

Lynn - Friday, 26 June, 2009

oh btw, awesome graphics on this post-great job!
~uh~: hey thanks.

10. PodaPunaku - Saturday, 27 June, 2009


11. Aditya - Monday, 29 June, 2009

They were playing all songs of MJ ysterday. Man, I have been never so nostalgic in my life, such a magic of this guy !

12. Michael Jackson Top Hits Albums - Monday, 29 June, 2009

I think it best said to the people of the world that are bashing Michael Jackson-“Beat It”! It is just horrible that people want to keep bringing up things that don’t matter. The good book says “Judge not lest ye be judged.” So, let us remember the good things that he has given to the world. I love you Michael and I always will. God be with you and with your family.

13. Nishchaya - Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

“Mai ka laal Jai kishan”, the legend – RIP

14. RIPMichaelJackson - Wednesday, 1 July, 2009

The world was recently saddened by the sudden loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. In memoriam of this legendary and one-of-a-kind performer, Ztarlet Star Registry has dedicated an actual star in his memory – as a symbol of the bright light that Jackson brought to the music industry and his millions of loyal fans across the globe.


Digg this!

15. August Extrosepction « AEIOU ¿ ® - Sunday, 23 August, 2009

[…] sarcasm and caricatures on  movies, current events and my tribute to personalities ranging from  Michael Jackson to Savita Bhavi . Basically, everyday stuff which most people should be able to relate […]

16. Family Guy - Thursday, 16 September, 2010

Family Guy should be on tv much more often

17. blunethost - Sunday, 24 October, 2010

Michael Jackson the best pop singer ever…

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20. Carin Nollman - Wednesday, 1 June, 2011

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