Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi ka Swayamvar on TV- A cartoon.


Tonight is Rakhi Purnima.

Quote: ‘....The show promises to reveal a seldom-seen side of Rakhi and also provide an insightful glimpse……’

Author: ~uh~™

Born on early 70's, brought up in Kolkata. Graduated from Kolkata as an Architect. Then came to Delhi to obtain a Master's Degree in Building Engineering & Management. There after lived and worked in Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai, in that order. Staying in Mumbai Western suburbs with my family- wife, 2 kids and a Shih Tzu.

12 thoughts on “Rakhi Purnima”

  1. Hahahahaha. Too good
    Rakhi purnima…or Rakhi ‘Porn’ima?
    Still laughing my ace off.
    Is it a Swayamvar…? Or a SWIMWEAR show 😀
    Great sketching.

    ~uh~: yeah, Porno-gRakhi would also sound nice. I missed the first episode though 😦
    You always have an ace or two up your sleeve…or, whatever 😉

  2. lol at docs comment! Pornima suits her for sure.
    honeymoon on youtube? I wont be suprised if that happens too!
    Ghor kalyug i tell you 🙂
    ~uh~: The offsprings generated would be called Youtube babies !

  3. Ha ha 😀
    Doc is very punny … 😉 & has a great eye for detail 😀
    ~uh~: Right, his comments are like cherry on top !

  4. Amazing stuff Uh.
    Looks like I have missed out quite a few things on your blog 🙂

    I do not have a TV, I would miss this bliss 😉
    ~uh~: Nevermind, you can watch the honeymoon later. Good to see you catching up 🙂

  5. this is a thing manufactured out of silicon, not a woman. what on earth do men find so attractive in her? pach, doc, care to explain?
    ~uh~: The theological part is beautifully explained by doc, so i won’t repeat the same. The relationship between sand and women body exists since the beginning of ‘time’, thus explaining the term ‘hour glass figure’ (which incidentally is filled with sand too).

    Practically speaking, men heavily respect gallant and successful women like Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson internationally and Mallika Sherawat, Sameera Reddy, Ayesha Takia, sculptures of Ajanta & Illora among desi ladies. This is simply because these personalities entice the male ego as an organ, which seeks to synthesize thoughts in the psyche as said to be driven by a particular emotion which sets free the creative or psychic energy, which an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation. That emotion, Freud termed as libido.

  6. @ Magicalsummer
    Valid question. But please look at it this way. Silicon is a constituent of sand – the same sacred constituent from which the human body is said to evolve and finally dissipate into at the end of this pilgrimage called life. I mean the whole thing is so very ethereal! The strong interest that men show in silicon is nothing but an expression of an abstract desire to attain supreme spiritual knowledge, a quest for understanding the truth behind celestial intangibles. I hope you get the drift…

    ~uh~: There can’t be more pedagogic explanation than this, thanks ROFL. I am sure if she can get 12,515 applications for her marriage she will get atleast 12,515,00 applications for her Honeymoon 😉 !

  7. Hmm, I’m eagerly waiting for the Rakhi Channel on Youtube, trust me to be one of it’s first subscribers. LOL
    ~uh~: I don’t have doubt :p

  8. Good God! I agree, it’s gonna be PORNima then…I felt like slapping everyone on TV and even questioned my own intellect for watching that drama. WTF was it!
    ~uh~: it was a reality comedy show. Now wait for Rakhi ka Suhaag raat….

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