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Caught in Prosopamnesia Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

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Warning: You will find the post rather long, if movies doesn’t excite you.

Having a good memory is a curse

(And I have experienced that)

This is not a review.
This is a post about few movies I have seen long time ago and for some reasons could not forget. May be because I was premature ten years ago and the movies were complex for me to decipher, these movies had an unforgettable impact on me. Presently, I can only recollect the basic storyline and remember few isolated scenes from these movies. There was no wikipedia or rotten tomatoes to search for movies and neither I had access to IMDB, even if it existed in the 90’s. Thus, I could not find the names of those movies, in absence of the critical search keys – Director, actor(s), origin and year of making. But the common qualities of all these four movies were intense drama on the plot, superior camerawork, excellent cinematography and vivid graphical scenes.

I am going to describe what I remember from these movies. I have been searching over the internet with various search strings and gathered some clue. However, I am not sure about them, as I could not get hold of these movies for that craved second viewing. I am sure; in a forum like PFC there would be few aficionados who have seen these movies can confirm my guess. I would be grateful if you can also let me know any known source to view them again. It is then only I would be relieved from my state of Trishanku.

Movie # 1
I saw it between 1991-93 on TV. Those days DD used to screen award winning movies from different countries (which we term as World Movies today) at night after 11 pm. This particular movie was in some European language- Italian or Spanish and I had followed the subtitles. The movie was set on a grand palatial building where a affluent family lived. The family consisted of ladies and gentlemen of various ages and a very old lady. There was a grand dining hall where all the family members used to dine together over elaborate spread of dishes, which looked like an exotic cuisine. The building had a large garden, huge fields of crop all around and it looked as if everything is eternally bright and happy. Somehow because of some reason (either it was a war or a famine) the food supply stopped suddenly and the family started starving. Initially they tried having vegetable and leaves collected from the garden and made a meal out of it. As days passed they started looking shabbier with torn and dirty clothes, but they continued their ritualistic family meals, though much humbled in terms of content and presentation. Gradually their human inhibitions started deteriorating as they started eating dead animals. The old lady, who actually resembled like a scarecrow, tried to fight the birds from eating away the crops and succumbed to death. Though it is not shown explicitly, but it was understood that the inhabitants slowly turned into cannibals and one after other family members were served as they continued to have their ‘meals’ in the same dining room. I don’t remember the end, but it was one of the most dark and creepy story I ever saw on screen. The dining room scenes and their conversations were the key highlights of the movie. Please note the movie was not The Exterminating Angel though there are some similarities in the plot.

Addition after posting:

Based on my years research on the net, I zero down to this movie – Los sobrevivientes (The Survivors) a 1978 Cuban drama film directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. The wiki page doesn’t give much information and mentions that the film entered the Cannes Film festival in the year 1979.

The synopsis found here

A bourgeois Cuban family of aristocratic origin locks itself into its mansion when the Cuban Revolution comes to power, waiting for the new regime to be overthrown. As time passes, they regress to older and older systems of political order, from capitalism to feudalism to “primitive savagery.” This dark comic classic, by one of Cuba’s most acclaimed directors, was never released commercially in the United States.

Movie # 2

I saw this movie on a theatre in Nepal during my month long stay in 1999 for official work. This is one of the most fabulous mountain movies I have ever seen (I have not seen Chandrabhusan’s Frozen yet). It was made in some Tibetan language and whatever few dialogues it had was subtitled. The plot was a simplistic story involving a leader and his son who wanted to break the tradition of the tribe and go on his own way. Whereas the old leader had to lead a team of people and yaks and travel across a long and dangerous route across the indomitable Himalayan territory. There was one scene where the group had to cross a narrow turn and one of the yaks fails to negotiate and falls into the icy blue water, deep down below. The entire movie is shot in Tibetan Himalayas and devoid of any significant actors. The faces, I remember were all sunburnt and full of wrinkles of experience. This movie, unlike other movies made on Himalaya doesn’t focus on the beauty or romance of the mountain, rather showcases the harshness of the terrain and the endurance of the people set on their philosophy of living. Mountains were the most prominent character in the movie dominating everything and the actors were as natural as if it was a documentary. One of the most remarkable feature films with an everlasting impact.

I think the movie I saw was named as Caravan which is also known as Himalaya in some parts of the world , Directled by Eric Valli. If I am not able to watch this moving again in my life, I would die incomplete.

I have found this trailer of the movie . Please watch it in full screen. You would understand the humongous effort by the cast & crew when you realize that the locations, where the film was shot was so difficult, that all equipment were being carried manually. All the characters are local people and are not trained actors.

Movie # 3
This one again I saw on TV sometime during 2001-2002. I don’t remember much except that most of the movie was shot inside a complicated old fortress like building crammed with lot of glass guillotines. It was kind of a psychological thriller with a treatment similar to Saw series. A man enters the building and loses his way around. After some time another man gets vertically split along his shoulder, when one of the glass guillotines strike him from the top. Even his spectacle frames get cut neatly. When the rear half of the body falls off, the other half stands there and the cross section shows the anatomy like a biology book. I remember one more significant scene from this movie. One man tried to enter a space where a nice agile horse was standing under a skylight. But a little girl from a distance gestured him not to tread in that direction. As soon as the man backs out of the space, a set of glass guillotines drops from the top dividing the horse into pieces. While the horse is still standing the glass panels start moving apart extending the length of the horse. The camera then slowly moves closer and turns to a close up of one of the cross section of the horse which shows the heart, still pumping. One of the most artistic graphic violence I have ever seen.

The movie most probably is The Cell directed by Tarsem Singh but I can’t say for sure till I see it again.

Movie 4
Unfortunately, I could not even see this full movie for some reason. I started watching it on TV on Star Movies or HBO and then there was a power failure. It must be sometime between ‘98-’02. The movie was set up in some suburban location where men wore hats and women- gowns. A man and a lady were engaged into what seemed to be like a forbidden love, for that place. Once they were caught red handed while making love on the haystack inside an abandoned farm-house. A motley bunch of men brutally assaults the man and the lady as well, while she tried to resist. At the end of the movie, the bunch of men is shown to nail the injured man to the wooden external surface of a bogie of a goods train. The man is so wounded that he could not even scream in pain against the brutal torture. The entire event happens in front of the lady, who is hold captive and helpless by the gang. The train slowly starts moving while the guy hangs from it with his armed stretched and head bowed down. The lady breaks herself free and starts running after the train. Just in time a black man appears with a shotgun and kills all the evil men in rapid succession , within seconds. In the very last scene, the lady stands in front of the black man with the shotgun, while the train leaves.
I tried browsing movies by known black actors- Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson , Laurence Fishburne , Don Cheadle , Wesley Snipes and Cuba Gooding. (I was fairly sure it was not Forest, Whitaker, Will Smith or Morgan Freeman). Till date I could not find this movie again. I tried goggling with various keywords. The nearest I came was A time to Kill .
I even tried to browse movies by black actors, but the list is so humongous I ran out of patience.

Hope I will get the confirmation on my guess on the first three and name of the last one from the readers of PFC. I would be glad to find anyone who has seen all the four mentioned here and I would mention him when I cross post this article on my blog.

Ps: This post was originally published here and reading  it’s comment section may add to the readers knowledge.


1. nursemyra - Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

I’ve seen Himalaya – it’s a great film
~uh~: Great to know you have seen this gem !

2. whatsinaname - Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

i dont think i ever want to see movie no 1!
and sorry i am clueless on these movies though i can say that last movie cannot be A Time To Kill! TTK is about a black father who killed the rapists who raped his 9 year old daughter and the case thereafter.
Nevertheless its amazing you could remember movies years later!
~uh~: I wish someone could name the 4th movie. I’ve been carrying the memory load for a decade now. Sometime i think was it really a movie or my delirium ?
You are right about TTK, it’s based on Grisham’s novel.
Elephant’s are known to have a photographic memory 🙂

3. couchpapaya - Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

yeah wanted to say what WIAN did, definitely not time to kill. if u ever find movie #3 let me know, sounds most interesting!
~uh~: Someone told me i have mixed up two movies on # 3, Cube and the Cell…..lol. Maybe, as I used to be high those days…:-)

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