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August Extrospection Sunday, 23 August, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Blogging, Cartoon.
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I have always pondered on certain questions related to blogging. While I know answers of some, I have to admit that I get puzzled by others.

When I started my blog AEIOU ¿ ® in Jan 2009, I had some simple purpose to serve- to spread laughter, joie de vivre and entertain readers through my articles, cartoons and reviews. No personal rants, no big talk, no deep philosophical thought. Only fun, pun, satire, sarcasm and caricatures on  movies, current events and my tribute to personalities ranging from  Michael Jackson to Savita Bhavi . Basically, everyday stuff which most people should be able to relate to.

Those who have seen my theory of Bloggers Life Cycle will agree that everyone, even the great veterans of blogworld have faced a stage of frustration exclaiming Wow !  ( abbreviated form of Why oh Why) in disgust and vented out, during their blog-life journey. While a determined few have been patient and consistent enough to stand the test of time, others have succumbed to natural death.

Simultaneous with AEIOU ¿ ® I started following passionforcinema since January ‘09. Recently, I have been upgraded as   a Level 2 author there, based on my contributions in the form of my articles and comments. Now, I can post whatever I want to, without being moderated by the editors. That makes me feel a bit responsible, as PFC gets more than 200,000 page hits a day and the articles are vulnerable to threadbare criticism from Indian cinephiles, including leading directors and film professionals across the world. PFC is just three years old and used to be a group blog of 13 members at its inception. This only proved that blogging serves some purpose, if only the bloggers have the intention to do so.

That also makes me think about this question.

Is good content sufficient enough to make a blog visible/ popular ?

I believe the answer is definitely a big no, atleast within a short span of time. If that was so, so many deserving bloggers in Indiblogger and other forums didn’t starve for votes while exceptionally humdrum blogs got the Blogger of the century award, overwhelmingly elected by the votes from a niche and elite circle of dumbloggers. Original humour, anyone? I know of so many bloggers with succulent humour quotient and outstanding narrative style, lying in some corner of internet gathering digital cobwebs. While others are ranting 6000 characters (including spaces), on how they have undone the knot in their loincloth and getting praised for it. A quick look at one of the directory of best Indian blogs tests my hypothesis, most of the listed blogs are dormant and the active ones are usually personal diaries of self proclaimed celebrities.

That forces me to think deeper and raise more questions.

  • Why do some people blog while others don’t?
  • Why the volume of comments on a blog doesn’t necessarily justify the content?
  • How can one differentiate between hypocritical wax eloquent and an honest compliment?
  • Why do many people read but never comment?
  • Why do some bloggers never reciprocate while I put a thoughtful comment to their blogs?
  • Why do some bloggers never reply to the comments left on their pages?
  • Why do people think smileys are better than words?
  • Why do people comment based on the blogger than the content?
  • What is sign of accomplishment- comments, Feedburner statistics, hits, awards or The Book?

I don’t have the answers. Do you ?

All I have is my stats.

AEIOU_statsgraph (August 09)

Blog started – Jan 2009. 91 posts, 750 comments and 21, 400 hits till drafting this article. Hits on January-24, July- 6907. That transpires to an average of 8.24 comments/ articles and 2675 hits/ month. Some of my old posts have zero comments even today.

If that means I am doing good, then why did I had receive only 2 (two) votes for ‘Original Humour of the Month’ in Indiblogger. Just two. as in One two- cha cha cha. Let’s do cha cha cha.

Presently, on the indiVine section of Indiblogger I stand at nth in popularity for my Yezdi post. The (n-1)th blogger is 5 votes ahead of me and the (n+1)th  one is 8 votes below me. The ‘most popular’ one is 23 votes ahead of me, as of now. I have uploaded few more posts which I consider good but have received just 2 votes for the ‘Power Cooking for Men’. I have received encouraging comments from bloggers hitherto unknown to me. I want to thank them all, as those comment meant a lot to me. One of the major reasons for my writing is to get readers’ appreciation and their comments. If I had to blog only for self-satisfaction, I would have probably contemplated about a topic and I remained a thinker.  why to write at all? That would have also saved valuable time, energy and megabytes.

AEIOU ¿ ® is like a designer brief, it’s attractive, it’s original but it can’t be shown off. Try it, if it fits, its yours. If it doesn’t, sorry, briefs once sold, can’t be exchanged 🙂

So help me judge how  ‘toing’ it is. Because I believe – if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I will continue to reply to all my comments, interact with readers and add interesting comments to my FAQ section.

Oh yes, I am thick skinned so you have to pinch me hard. That’s why I call myself ~uh~™ !

Moksha- attaining the summit



1. abhishek - Sunday, 23 August, 2009

I think you have one of the most well-crafted blogs. Got here through Vee’s blog. I was thinking you were going to post the review of Kaminey. I enjoy your reviews immensely and they are 1000 times better than ass-hole Taran Adarsh’s.

Other than that, your posts are very well-structured. Each paragraph is well-constructed, seamlessly flowing into another, makes for a very pleasant read. very enjoyable. especially the daru-wala post few days back.

‘Jodi tor dak sune kayu na aashe, tobe ekla cholo re.’

btw I’ve indirank of 77/100. muhahaha.
~uh~™: Are you the same Abhisek who guessed global warming for the seductress ?
If so, you have awesome imaginative mind !
Thanks for the good words, that’s the only fuel keeps me running.

Re: Kaminey, I wrote one review, but something was missing, so went to see the movie once again this Saturday, now editing the review. Should be up on PFC by Monday. I will cross post it here as well.
Thanks for the Tagore inspiration. I believe in…

‘Jiboner dhon kichhui jabe na phela’

I don’t understand this India rank thing- what does it indicate? I am yet to anyone score more than 84. What does it take to make a rank of 99 ? If therea marking system there must be a way to cheat 😉

Sardar - Monday, 24 August, 2009

Yes…I was the one who suggested global warming. 😀

2. doctoratlarge - Sunday, 23 August, 2009

Most of your questions though pertinent, cannot be answered. I guess ‘Friends’ will always be more popular than ‘Three Men in a Boat’. But while the popularity of one will last just a generation – if that, the other will endure and be loved as long as people can read english. Also a quotation from the bible may be pertinent here: ” Give not your pearls to swine, lest they trample them beneathe their feet and turn to attack you”. Therefore do not covet popular praise, but only that of the discerning who can value your pearls
~uh~™: I must give you a warm welcome as I am honoured by your presence on my humble blog.
You have touched upon certain very deep issues. Let me address them one at a time.
I guess by friends you mean ‘online friends’- which is, in most cases based on pretension, hence very brittle. I have witnessed that most online bondings are susceptible to ‘reality’ as soon as the camaraderie is tested in the flames of competition, jealousy or simply, time.

I wish I could be as great and wise to follow the biblical quotation. I rather like this quote from Jessamyn West, modified to my advantage:

Blogging is a solitary occupation. Family, friends, and society are the natural enemies of the writer. He must be alone, uninterrupted, and slightly savage if he is to sustain and complete a life cycle.

doctoratlarge - Monday, 24 August, 2009

agreed, agreed.
~uh~™: One suggestion- please add your blog link on the URL box, tol help people discover the hidden gem.

doctoratlarge - Tuesday, 25 August, 2009


3. rads - Sunday, 23 August, 2009

uh, everyone has their own reasons why they blog, comment and read. Each is different and some change with time too. So in theory you may have different yet standard classes of bloggers but in reality everyone’s just a tad different in what they get, and ultimately expect out of this indulgence.

I remember writing about this life cycle in a tag as well, and mine stopped with your stage 3. 🙂

For many this is just a hobby. There’ s a pleasure in writing and that’s a driving force as opposed to the grandness that’s associated with it which eventually demands you to be part of a community. Different strokes as they say.
Most of your questions will be answered in due time, but this I can answer:
Is good content sufficient enough to make a blog visible/ popular ?

Nope. Not at all.
Whatever made you think the blog-world was different from the real world, mainly the professional one? It’s the exact same. Just coz one is darn good at his work doesn’t mean he’s the best paid, then again, does he want to be recognized? ..and vice versa, someone climbs the ladder way too quick with just shimmying up to the right folks.

To me, it’s the joy of hammering the words out. The rest, whatever happens or not, is really coincidental. Real life has its un-answered questions enough, why add stress to something fun? 🙂
~uh~™; Thanks for elaborating your thoughts and answering the question. You sound quite like my mom.
So the key takeaway is blogging, for some is just an alternate of social networking- fun, timepass, hobby and without much responsibility or purpose.
While doing that perception management is important to become noticeable.

The problem with me is, i think too much on the unanswered part as I need to know what comes after fun ?
What is the blogging Moksha ?

4. Lynn - Monday, 24 August, 2009

you raise some good questions and they are questions we all ask as bloggers. everyday you get more readers so why not try to link back to some of your earlier posts that are similar with your current post? i tried this and it has actually worked in my favor.

~uh~ i’ll be honest, speaking only as an american though..some of your humor is lost on us here in the west. it’s only natural as we have such vast differences in our culture…plus you are unique in that you have this amazing ability of creativity AND logic. waaay smart (like engineer smart) and that intimidates some people ..sometimes even me!…. so if i cant understand or don’t know the subject matter i leave a smiley face to let you know that i was here and that i am trying to pay attention in an effort to learn about your lifestyle and culture…
~uh~™: Regarding the smiley, I commented on the general trend, not particular to my blog or comments. I understand your ‘getting’ the humour part very well so, please don’t take an offense. I have added a section on my FAQ after someone raised similar viewpoints.
You have been patient and regular to my blog with a altogether different perspective, which is valuable to me.
Thanks for the suggestion and the feedback. I never knew I can intimidate people, just trying to be me. How to redeem the lost points now?
Btw, I don’t dislike smileys as such but its just that all smileys look the same 😉

Lynn - Monday, 24 August, 2009

oh yes, i understand completely and no offense taken! i was just explaining my lack of knowledge in certain areas.

you don’t have to try to be you~ you are who you are and that’s why those of us who are coming back still do…
~uh~™: You are right. Thanks for your continuous effort to bridge the cultural gap !

5. Lynn - Monday, 24 August, 2009

i will say that your graphs are absolutely an art in and of themselves, aside from your drawings…very impressive and entertaining..i wish i could think creatively on that level…and frankly, i think awards are way overrated in the blogosphere. you can’t judge by that. the question is, are you having fun doing what you do? if the answer is yes they keep doing it~ we’ll continue to come if you do..sincerely..
~uh~™: Thanks again.
But my point is how much fun and how long ? What lies after the fun quotient ends ? What if you get bored of the whole thing ? The so called community, bonding etc are fragile and I have experienced it.
I want to know what is the moksha, the ultimate goal ?

Lynn - Monday, 24 August, 2009

okay moksha, had to look it up but now i am smarter than i was when i got here.

look, i realize myself how important feedback is but the truth is you can’t be sensitive when it comes your blog. (i’m still learning this) people are freaky, fickle and rude…some of us are okay though.

what if “I” get bored?…answer: i will stop coming.

what if “you” get bored? …answer: you will stop blogging….simple!
~uh~™: That was lucid and easy to understand. You can be a very good teacher 🙂
Another word for you to ponder – Atman

Lynn - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

Atman, yes, i like that. was a bit difficult to understand initially but i gather what it means. nice.
~uh~™: Indians, in olden days used to think and write too deep and too much 😉

6. nursemyra - Monday, 24 August, 2009

I like that image you posted at the end of the text though you look like you could do with a big plate of dahl 😉
~uh~™: After years meditation I came to that shape and don’t you dare spoil my concentration 😉

7. kaushik - Monday, 24 August, 2009

uh – pertinent questions! i can write from my own experience … yours is a blog which i follow religiously …. sometimes, i leave a comment, more often i do not … but, always anticipate eagerly to read the next one … as i am not a blogger, i failed to understand that a creative mind *does* expect feedback for improving, and, silent compliments are sometimes not enough … i’ll give my feedbacks more often, going forward … regarding the “blogger of the month” nomination, i tried to vote but unfortunately the site allows only account holders to vote! at this stage, i cannot commit time to blog, hence, did not open an account. i am always amazed with the diversity of the topics u cover and the fun, joy and quality of writing which u spread around … i am sure that the target of 20k hits pm will be achieved sooner than u think … keep blogging :_

a creative mind *does* expect feedback for improving, and, silent compliments are sometimes not enough

Obviously and brutally true.
Creative artists needs maximum feedback to know which way they are going. Like I gathered that i do intimidate, unintentionally !
Even A R Rahman expects an applaud after a concert, so is Ustad Zakir Hussein. Silent compliments never work with anyone- because no one knows there is a compliment at the first place!
Indiblogger is a forum for bloggers only, thanks for going that far for me.
Thanks for the good wishes.

8. rahul - Monday, 24 August, 2009

I think you have areally awesome blog..I am more of a fan of your cartoons and the toungue in you know where 🙂 humour…and it’s great that you interact with fellow bloggers and spread smiles!!

keep the posts coming..also your review was very cool..with large helpings of wise cracks!!
~uh~™: Thanks for finding some content of your liking.
I can’t stay fir without interaction, at least as of now 🙂
Which review you are talking about ?

rahul - Thursday, 27 August, 2009

that sanjay gupta film..luck I think..on which he commented!!
~uh~™: Got it. But Luck was Directed by Soham Shah not Sanjay Gupta. It did follow the Sanjay Gupta’s style although.

9. witsnnuts - Monday, 24 August, 2009

Very good questions .. I can’t only appreciate for i don’t know the answers myself. . 🙂
when it comes to your blog .. – I have been such a gr8 fan of yours. !!!
Brilliant writing style !!
Thats it .. keep replying to comments even if you go to the topmost level in the ‘life cycle’ 🙂

Cheeeers 😀

Offtopic – ‘Da Kaddu needs more attention 😉 ‘
~uh~™: I wish I cross stage three. Thanks for your help and suggestions for improvement, those were valuable.

da Kaddu- enough material is in mind, short of time to pen it down. I wish i could get paid for da Kaddu :p

10. whatsinaname - Monday, 24 August, 2009

hehe a debate you and me always have ! I still insist that loofa works. The more you scratch others backs the more others will do to you.
If it was a question of quality, there would be more of best sellers than blogs 😉 but yes quality would define the favorites, nothing else.
~uh~™: Back scratching is accepted, if it’s a good back 😉
Btw, I remember you were one of the first commenter on my first review entry, without knowing me at all. Please explain that ?

If it was a question of quality, there would be more of best sellers than blogs 😉

Now that’s a good one.

I think, both of us have crossed that ‘the more comment I get the bigger celebrity I am’ stage. The only difference is you have stopped thinking and attained moksha, while I have become more skinny….!

11. spikeace - Monday, 24 August, 2009

dunno about others.. i blog coz i like to… if ppl read n comment – thats good. Comments do encourage the writer… especially good and encouraging ones – however, the best comments are those that promote discussion.
does doveye have a blog too? could you pls share the link if she does…
~uh~™: Discussion, yeah. Will this comment section qualify as a discussion ?
You can find doveye’s details on her twitter page.

Lynn - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

well your post has definitely stimulated conversation so i think the comments do qualify as a discussion.
~uh~™: Hope it stays healthy and useful for others too !

12. couchpapaya - Monday, 24 August, 2009

ahh the existential question. really i have no answers uh, but as for the good content = visibility. it’s not true at all, unfortunately in the virtual world as well as the real world, ur visibility depends on that back-scratching phenomenon u mentioned a while ago.

i blog because i like to share my experiences with books, in my life unfortunately there’s very few people who have the same tastes i do and with whom i can have discussions about something i absolutely loved and want others to read too. the blog takes care of that in a way and i like to write. i guess what i’m trying to say is that largely it’s fun for me, not a hobby as such because i’m not regular at all.

as to the humor bit, u know each person’s funny bone is tickled differently. it’s much harder to make people laugh than cry so while u do what u do very well, it might not be for everyone. hence, the votes. but that’s just my initial thinking, since i have no idea about the sites u’ve listed above.

in my life unfortunately there’s very few people who have the same tastes i do

I don’t think it works with so called online buddies for long either, but I am a cynic, so don’t trust me.

You have no idea about the best blogs of India ? You don’t know what are you missing ! People across the globe click those links and acquired an impression about our country as a whole.

Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting. There are only a handful of people I know whom i expect to comment without expectations.

I guess, i need to be less serious about humour. Now that’s a paradox.

13. whatsinaname - Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

too much of meditation is causing delusions to you. I am talking about that pic.
~uh~™: I sense jealousy. But competition is with kareena kapoor, not you.

14. allthecrap - Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

dude ur too good… jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai…keep up the good work you will go places…nice post as always!!!
~uh~™: Lets see. Thanks for the encouragement.

15. allthecrap - Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

to understand ‘jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’ check out this blog http://www.mydayzwithmyself.blogspot.com/ ..his a kick-ass blogger…avg comments 40-120/post (obviously he writes once in 2 month)…no publicity…no feedburner…hence no award!!!
~uh~™: Thanks for the link, need to spend good time reading it. He indeed is a veteran, blogging for 5 long years 🙂

16. mystiquedew - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

Well, in ur own words ur skin is thick..so here goes

Being popular neednot mean ur good. So make up ur mind. Are u in a popularity contest or are u writin coz u wanna give good fun?
Once u’ve made up ur mind, u can accordingly strategize ur moves.

The one excellent writer i wont forget in PFC is OZ, his series of old movies are classics.Do u think u write as good as him?
Pick any other writer *U* think is brilliant, do u think u are as good as him?
If the answer is No, then u r looking for undeserving praise, my friend!
~uh~™: You don’t seem to have any answers to my questions, but have more questions.
I have no clue whether I am good or popular. Time and stats will tell. I don’t think I write as good as oz or any other brilliant writers. Though, given a choice i will love to think I am better than everyone else.
I was actually looking for opinion, you gave yours.
To answer your question, I am here for attention, primarily.
Am getting it 😉
Have fun.

17. Vee - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

You said it your self, “Hitherto unknown to me”. Blogging is all about that. In this generation wherein millions excess net everyday, you CANNOT have dedicated audience on blogging. Yes, you can have on a forum, like PFC or MS but not on blogging. Blogosphere is not about that at all. I guess you got it wrong from the beginning. If you are looking for certain amount to read and comment on each of your posts than let me tell you ‘You are being very cynical’. I hate to say it but yes, that’s what it comes across to me as.

When on internet, people are doing many things at same time unlike whilst reading a book. When you read a book, you pay attention. When you read a blog, you might or might not. More so, Blogs have no certain readers and your posts might be liked or might not be. Same way might be commented upon and might not be. Big Deal.

It is absolutely illogical to compare it with PFC which is centered to one particular theme. Now, you might say, your blog is too centered to one particular theme but at the end of the day a forum and networking site differs from a personal blog. How can you imagine that some random people will get to know of your blog? As for the Indie Bloger Humor Award, I have no clue you were nominated. Did you promote yourself? Did you as people to vote? I do not think so. I did not get any such Ads from you. The winner (Reema) for that particular category promoted extensively on Twitter and FB and probably that’s why she won. Why did not you? Do not you know that you need to sell yourself? It’s not MS wherein people will comment ‘Wah Wah’ no matter what you write…
~uh~™: Very well elucidated. Surely, someday this comment exchange will educate someone.
Key learning- Advertise yourself ! like someone above said ‘Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’.
Just for your clarity, I was not comparing my blog with PFC. I was trying to draw a simile how it takes time to create a mark only with good content.
I have forgotten when did i last read a book, but one good thing about them is you dont have to leave a comment. You can also tear apart or burn a bad book if you don’t like it. You can’t do that to a bad blog.
Don’t curse yourself for not voting me. I never marketed myself. Too much of hard work there for a lazy ass like me. Blogging to me is about interaction. I have my own ways to do that and have fun.
‘Wah Wah’ comments for no matter what one writes depends on who are commenting. Surprisingly, many of my commenters are not from MS, so they don’t know me from before.
Finally, when you say I am a cycnic, atleast you have understood me. A cynic has nothing to lose.

18. spikeace - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

Then there is this obscure guy – his review on Kaminey is mindblowing… but he is not on PFC…

Hey Spike- This link should have been on my Kaminey post ! Nevermind. Awesome link. Writing style is familiar. Thanks so much dude 😀

19. Ava - Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

For me writing is a hobby and I do it to please myself. If I do compare myself with others, I win some and lose some. But if I compare myself with myself (as I used to be) I have improved. So I am happy. I get to ramble on things I like and be happy !

“Dont take yourself seriously – no one else does”
~uh~™: Nice, good for you.

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”– Erica Jong

20. Farting Pen - Thursday, 27 August, 2009

I get paid to write. I get paid to write what others like to read. I get paid to write what gets me paid. I get paid to write what the clients want me to write. And that’s what I do for a living. Basically, I am expected to be spineless.

Given that scenario, why the fuck would I have a blog where I would again write what bloggers want to read? I am tired of doing that 16 hours everyday, for fuck’s sake.

Then, the more important question. Do I want to be on the top of IndiBlogger list? Fuck no. I didn’t even know what it was till last month when they ran a humourous blog contest of sorts and my friend wanted me to register myself there and upload 5 of my ‘most humourous’ posts. I did register myself. But it stopped there. I never entered a single post. Just ‘cuz I don’t give a fuck. (Well, it did feel good to have an indiblogger widget calling myself an ‘indicomedian’, the self obsessed hypocrite that I am.)

So, should there be a point to my blog? I ask you ‘why’. You then ask me ‘why not’. Then I ask you to go fuck yourself ‘cuz I don’t understand the compulsive need for everything to make sense or have a point.

And what is the point of being good? If a thousand people visit my blog and leave comments everyday, they expect me to deliver. And I sense the need to deliver. And that is a fuckin’ chore. I don’t want what I do for fun to be a chore. Then where is the fun? Fun lies in the fact that I can revert back to mediocrity as and when I feel like. It’s like smelling coffee beans while testing perfumes. A sort of neutraliser to get you back to your senses.

I am not nice. I am not sweet. I am brutally honest even if that means being mean. Or shameless for that matter. I speak my mind. And I do it in my own time and space. And that’s all what true blogging is about, according to me. I don’t want to author a book based on my blog. I don’t want to invited to blogging conferences. It’s not fun when you aren’t among the crowd, you know? And to be honest, I’d rather be happy at the ‘ranting about life’ stage in the life-cycle of a blogger.

A true blog doesn’t need to be read by all. It doesn’t need to be appreciated by all. It doesn’t need page views. Every post doesn’t need a comment. Hell, if too many people end up hating your blog, it might well become a cult.

I do agree that lack of page views do affect the morale of a blogger. Been there. And I guess the ‘Done that’ part would have been to keep writing. And I did.

And UH, I think @DoctorAtLarge was referring to how the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is more popular world over than one of the most humourous book ever written by a man (or a woman for that matter), ‘Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog)’. Speaks a lot, that.

And if an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, I say that the devil works at Farting Pen.

Cheers mate. I see a very familiar careless abandon attitude in your blog too.

21. Farting Pen - Thursday, 27 August, 2009

Woah, that’s a lot that I have written! Didn’t realise it till I posted it.

22. ~uh~™ - Thursday, 27 August, 2009

I normally don’t increase my comment count by posting separate replies, but in this case, I will make an exception, for the convenience of other readers.

Thanks to Spike for giving me your blog link.
Thanks for the comment. You make sense, like few others above. I am happy to see atleast most of them have something to say, albeit contradictory to each other.
Though, I have a difference of opinion with you regarding the blog visibility part. I won’t be motivated to write if I don’t get a single useful comment. Having said that, I would rather have ‘view-points’ and ‘opinions’ as comments than loofah scrubbing on my *you know where*. I guess I am asking for too much within too little time. I want ‘sense’ in my content which includes the comments as well. Blog without a comment is like pajama without a nada, you want to dance but end up doing a striptease without an audience in an empty room. What’s the point ?

If you have read about me, you may notice, I have blogged in a popular within it’s own way forum for 2 years. I am still a so called celebrity there (i am not sure whether it’s a compliment anymore). But had enough fun there.
I get bored easily. I am impatient. I need to know what is next for me. Novelty ends. Fun ends. Enthu ends. I have seen that myself. I have read your earlier post because you gave me the link. I write to find people like you, to get honest opinions, to gather perfume- coffee bean kinda wisdom. I loved that simile. I can’t blog by circulating juvenile tags within a closed circuit like clowns exchanging their hats in a circus. That’s not fun for me.
I am serious about humour and I laugh at those who are not.

spikeace - Friday, 28 August, 2009

Hey, tags are fun…. not always… perhaps once a month or once in 2 months! I’ll tag u next and will not direct you to another “farting pen” blog if u dont complete the tag! This, just bcoz u think those who do it are clowns in a circus! Grrrr!

I do remember ur opnion about tags – facts, and therefore useless to u. however, there is a way to do them creatively! For e.g., in my last tag, I have decided to name my daughter Dlink and my son Router! I think thats funny coz it reinforces my geeky image and makes me sound funny in a dorky sort of way!
~uh~™ : I have no problem with tags. I have problem with juvenile tags. Now that’s subjective. But again, kids get entertained by the clown at the circus, while the adults gets entertained looking at the kids. Everyone is happy 🙂
So, tags do entertain me in some way.
I remember you tagged me the very first one which i twisted a bit for the sake of fun. I tried to do some award thing as well.
While i fully appreciate and respect the gesture behind tagging, i find some questions are too personal [ Did you ever made out in a car?] , some just doesn’t make sense [Reason to smile? ]and some are pure foolish [What is the first drink of your life?].
Tag me, but at your own risk 😉

23. Rofl Indian - Thursday, 27 August, 2009

The sadhu in the pic seems to be in a mad rush to scale peaks, even if it means going through elaborate exertions of self-mortification (the graphics sure hint towards that!). Emancipation through emaciation? An ascetic aspiring for temporal treasures? Materialistic mahatma? Gosh…that’s too self contradictory to consider even 😀

Sure, things sell well if they’re visible. But, and there’s a really big ‘but’ to that, what’s it that is being advertised. The blogger? Or the blog? It’s quite like ambush marketing. Are ‘uh-the blogger’s’ efforts directed towards promoting ‘uh’ the brand or ‘aeiou’ the blog? The difference may be subtle and wholly inconspicuous to the casual observer, but it surely exists for good measure. When a RGV movie gets mercilessly thrashed at AEIOU (deservedly so), it’s a moment of glory for the blog. When ~uh~ chooses to dig his heels against some inconsequential blogging platform and begins to air his nascent grievances, it may be a good talking point around uh-the blogger, but it’s a couple of points lost for the blog. The hallmark of a successful blog is that it never entertains negativity. August extrospections should be free of both predilections and prejudices.

~uh~™: You are so damn right in your partial interpretation of the graphics. glad to know at least you cared to pour your thoughts. It is not an easy pic to understand. Like aamsatto, there are layers of meaning and enlightenment waiting to be unfolded. You are just at flavoring the surface. What do you think the sea and waves signifying? What is the relevance of the mountain ? Why is the mountain snow capped ? Why is the sadhu precariously standing on one leg ? Why the frugal sadhu seems to follow a minimalist approach in fashion, but wearing dark glasses? Don’t you thing his saffron brief is slightly over sized ?

For your second part of the comment, it’s a very valid point and told rather intelligently. Creators are normally are known by their creations and then their creations are branded by the creator. The brand ~uh~ exists in other forum, but without AEIOU, that existence is incomplete. ~uh~ and AEIOU are mutually exclusive, mutually exhaustive and equally likely.
Point taken- AEIOU is not just a barking blog which seldom bytes, nor it’s trained for the blog show, but then blogs are naturally attracted to blitches.

24. Anshul - Monday, 31 August, 2009

You raise some interesting questions (I felt as if most of them were directed towards me 😉 ) and people in comments gave some interesting answers too.

I didn’t participate in Indiblogger shit coz. I didn’t remember my password. But I was never very interested either.

Most of the people on web are lurkers… until they have their own blogs that they want to promote. Some click a link, go through it, share it (via google reader, twitter etc) if they like it… and forget it, They might never come back to your blog again, unless they are subscribed to it. Some are self-righteous and that is good enough reason for them comment.

Your feedburner count is screwed because you are wordpress.com, the header information gives the default feed address of /feed rather than the feedburner address. So majority of the janta is subscribed to your blog using a different URL. You must have atleast 50 subscribers… atleast.

But people will find you based on their genres, you won’t have push your links shamelessly. One doesn’t need hits(unless he is running ads) one needs a loyal readership. 🙂
~uh~™ : As you know by now, I am technically challenged, hence don’t really understand what you have said about feedburner. But if you say I have atleast 50 subscribers i take your word for it 🙂
Thanks for yet another interesting comment, which is rather long, knowing you and that proved my capability to coax and provoke people to opine on a relevant topic. Most of the popular/famous bloggers would find my questions are directed towards them. I have raised this topic on indivine and the thread has been made sticky for some time now. One thing is very clear, most people want attention but don’t know how to get it and when they don’t get it they come up with various theories to support their hypothesis.
Atleast i am honest about it.
The point of this post was to gather other’s point, however pointed they are. I get your point.

Anshul - Monday, 31 August, 2009

This is a screwed up theme, it makes even small comments look bigger.

@fartingpen I can empathize now. 🙂
~uh~™ : har har har© magnifying glass theme !

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