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Kick in the Bot Friday, 4 September, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Internet.
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As a Stumbler, I used to stumble into weird websites, not very long ago. Once , I  had discovered this site where you can chat with a bot. For the uninitiated, bots are short form of internet robots, basically software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet. Now the bots whom one can chat, are Technically called chatterbots. Bot’s those used to be found at yahoo chat rooms were mainly females, more like a bimbo. However chatterbots are genderless (as they claim to be).The ‘user’ can write simple (or screwd up) English and converse with these chatterbots. I had a brief conversation with a chatterbot. Now let me declare solemnly that the chats are pasted verbatim. Readers may use their own intelligence to understand the usefulness and repercussions of such conversations to their online life. As the disclaimer says ‘This bot learns to be clever from real people, and its AI can ‘say’ things you may think inappropriate. Use with discretion, and at YOUR OWN RISK.’

Here is the excerpt. Caution: Pure Nonsense ahead.

User: Hi there.

Cleverbot: Hi here.

User: My name is udtahaathi and I am a blogger.

Cleverbot: Hi ally!!! Your name is so pretty!

User: That was not so good start but.

Cleverbot: Yes it is funny, you’re not sure whether you’re a girl or a guy.

User: I am quite sure. I am a guy, that too a handsome one.

Cleverbot: I’m so cute!

User: You are self pretentious.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: huh !

Cleverbot: What are you?

User: I am a sexy man.

Cleverbot: What evidence do you have of that?

User: Well, difficult to prove over chat….

Cleverbot: If ever there was a master illusionist, it would be him.

User: Who? Rajinikant ? Or Mithunda ?

Cleverbot: Mineral.

User: Profound. You mean they are ‘elements’ !

Cleverbot: Yes! One of them sank the Titanic.

User: That’s news to me ! I though it was Chuck Norris.

Cleverbot: I thought it was friday.

User: It is Friday today !

Cleverbot: NO it is thursday.

User: There’s a time lag between us. You understand time lag ?

Cleverbot: I’m glad we agree on that.

User: We have not reached a stage of any agreement yet.

Cleverbot: When might we achieve it?

User: Difficult to say, you are a hard nut to crack.

Cleverbot: I have been here for over an hour.

User: You are sounding like my ex-girlfriend.

Cleverbot: Maybe I sound like one, but I am not one.

User: Can’t you be little more harmonious?

Cleverbot: My favourite book is A Child Called It.

User: My fav is ‘Catch 22’ read it?

Cleverbot: Chocolate.

User: Enough. You will make me mad.

Cleverbot: Probably, but thats alright.

User: Oh yeah, of course you selfish bitch

Cleverbot : Make me a sandwich.

User: Oh yeah, baap ka naukar samjha hai ka?

Cleverbot: Yes sir yes sir three bags full.

User: Your randomness has an uncanny sexual attraction.

Cleverbot: It was not a random response!

User: What about sexuality ?

Cleverbot: The best there is.

User: Whats your best?

Cleverbot: Pasta, or rice.

User: But, don’t you think it would be kinda messy ?

Cleverbot: Forgive me if I seem not nice to you. How have I been not nice?

User: Dont get me wrong, you are pretty wild. I love it wild.

Cleverbot: How can you respect me. You don’t even know me!

User: Theres no apparent reason to dislike you either.

Cleverbot: You have to prove to me that god exists.

User: I am talking about sexuality not god.

Cleverbot: Does god exist?

User: I don’t care, why are you trying to divert the topic?

Cleverbot: Because I have to go.

User: KLPD, bye.

You can read my first conversation which was published as a Mouthshut  diary.

You can have your own fun with the Cleverbot when you are bored with  real people. Let me know how was it.


1. Rofl Indian - Friday, 4 September, 2009

The cleverbot took a long time to realise that it was not being nice to you. I have my doubts if that can be called clever at all. I’m afraid if I chat long enough with this thing, I’d faint of Cleverbotoxicity!

Pasta and rice sounds saucy (pun unintended). And bitch does rhyme well with sandwich. Do both of them have the same fillings…feelings….fillings? Whatever.

KLPD…er….not Kolkata Lalbazaar Police Department..eh?
~uh~™ : Cleverbotoxicity sounds fatal. KLPD can loosely mean Kinky Libido Premature Deceit 😉

2. Lynn - Friday, 4 September, 2009

i found your comments much more creative than the bot’s. you posted interesting infomation with regard to bots…i’ve heard about bots but never actually had conversation with one.
~uh~™: You are sure you don’t sympatheize with me ? I am going mad.

3. PodaPunaku - Saturday, 5 September, 2009

OMG are you serious????? hahahahah u are funny…

btw salute for taking this torture…all this just to entertain us!!! wow so MOD!
~uh~™ : She (?) was not that bad. I know worst suckers online. And they are Real people 😉

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5. how to use cleverbot - Saturday, 5 September, 2009

[…] Kick in the Bot « AEIOU ¿ ®  Use  with discretion, and at YOUR OWN RISK.’ Here is the excerpt. Caution: Pure Nonsense ahead. User: Hi there.  Cleverbot : Hi here. User: My name is udtahaathi and I am a blogger.  Cleverbot : Hi ally!!! Your name is so pretty! … […]

6. Kshitij - Sunday, 6 September, 2009

That was cool. Did you lose it in between? Or you were intellectual all the time? I guess you got mad.
~uh~™ : Honestly I was’nt more mad than I am. May be a threesome with 2 bots would make me lose it comepletely.

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