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Dil Bole Hadippa : Battered Cricket Wednesday, 23 September, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Bollywood.
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This review was first published on PFC. [link]


Yashraj movies have always been rich in characters, content, colour, Punjabi and social messages (3CPSM). Every farm fresh YR produce makes life look like a fairy tale taking the audience into an world of happiness and love with an utopian impossibility, which cynics, critics and cynical critics brand as ‘entertainment for gobar audience’. What? You have never heard that phrase mentioned before? Well, now you do. Yashraj movies remind me of gobar (cow-dung) – for some people it’s the holy goo, an essential ingredient for purification, while for others it’s simply a lump of shit.

Dil Bole Hadippa is also not an exception; it’s not Chak De India, so it’s proves the rule of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Let’s look into the 3CPSM in this case –


The black bhainslo – The most important character of the film, the anchor, the connection. It had a dialogue or two, which am sure the cattle class would decipher easily.

Shanno (Rakhi Sawant) – Well she doesn’t have a major role, but that’s never been a deterrent for her to showcase her talents and assets. She plays the role of a dancer in a nautanki and the depth of her character can be ascertained from her cleavage. She should have given some more screen time than the black bhainslo. The black bhainslo did not even dance like her.

Soniya (Sherlyn Chopra) – Less is more, that’s the bottomline for her. She is a former Miss Punjab (or was it Miss World) who has hots for Rohan. Her primary role was to wear meager shorts, generously oiling her boney legs and wobbling her scantily covered boneless pieces, in a stadium to stimulate the home team players.

Vicky (Anupam Kher) – He is a wealthy man who is separated from his family for the last 15 years for some unexplained reasons. In his haydays, he must have been a complete asshole to estrange a wife like Poonam Dhillon. He drives a Honda convertible that specializes in breakdown on the muddy tracks between paddy fields. He has settled in a small town in Punjab and dreams of winning the ‘Aman Cup’- a friendly cricket match played an(nu)ally between his and Lahore’s team. He also dreams that his family will return to him someday from London.

Lucky (Dalip Tahil) – He is an old friend of Vicky and owns the Lahore team. His team has won the Aman Cup for consecutive 9 years, so he is very sardonic to cricket competency of Indians. He is loud, wears dresses hired from a nautanki and addresses Vicky as ‘laley’.

Rohan (Shahid Kappor)- The muscular star county cricketer from England who carries a dictionary where the word ‘defeat’ does not exist. Must have been a second hand buy, I fear. He plays a multifaceted role – as a son he is obedient to his old man, as captain of the team he is a hard task master, as a man he is abnormally reluctant to acknowledge the stimulation efforts of Soniya and finally a love struck idiot who proves love is blind beyond belief.

Veera (Rani Mukherjee) – She is the niece of the nautanki owner ( Shri Vallabh Vyas), who generally fools around with a bat and nurtures the dream to make it big for Indian cricket team someday. So she sticks pictures of players on her room and practices with children below 7 years. She is a hard hitter and can bat on either hand at ease. She has the physique of a woman but energy and stamina of a buffalo. That’s why Rohan calls her ‘Buffalo girl’. Other than playing cricket she occasionally roleplays a male dancer opposite to Rakhi Sawant.

Veer and Rohan- the practice session

Veer and Rohan- the practice session


The movie has two modes, namely, the Romantic Mode and Sports mode.

Vicky tricks Rohan and brings him to play and win the Aman Cup for him. Rohan flies down to London and succumbs to his dad’s emotional blackmail and agrees to stay for six months. Veera, desperate to play in the team disguises into Veer, a delicate heavy chested sardar with a husky feminine voice, just by using some frugal facial hair and a pair of brown contact lenses. Rohan takes everyone to task to practice hard, but the players seem to concentrate more towards Soniya’s oily exhibition. One time, Veera accidentally drops her towel in front of Rohan- who after a quick glance and silent judgment covers his eyes, the first sign of platonic love. Veer quickly switched to Veera and successfully conned Rohan. But Rohan’s love grew over time and he tried to exploit Veer’s cricketing ambition in exchange of Veera’s company, unaware of the fact that they are the same person. He even hugged Veer couple of times but never realizes her as a woman. At this point, the movie goes into the Sports mode.

I will not spoil the suspense by describing the cricket. All I can say, I have never seen such cricket. Rohan’s team, who diligently ogled Sonya’s oily bobbles during practice sessions, collapsed systematically and consistently against the rival’s target score of 214. How 165 runs were made in 10 overs by the last wicket partnership and how fours and sixes were scored abundantly through shots yet to be named, can’t be explained in words. Did I mention Veera broke her arms but still continued batting ? Or about the winning four runs scored by running between the wicket ? Everything is fair in love and gobar. At the end not only Vicky won the Aman Cup, he also reunited his family, Rohan got Veera, Veera got a chance to give a lecture on gender bias, the people of Pakistan got basic education about gender equality and finally Yashraj stroke another mainstream nail on the entertainment coffin. There’s no bar for gobar.


Sample the picture below.

Is love colour blind ?

Is love colour blind ?


Pind da shera, Hadippa, Chak de Phatte, colourful dances, dhol, beautiful DDLJ references, sarso de khet, kudi di chunri, munde, lassi, rabid-jalebi, khatiya- almost all the essential Punjabi elements were present. The essence of Punjab is also explained with lucid verses – ‘Aa Gaye Ji Punjab Ke Sher, With Bhangra Bistar Beer Butter’ and

Oye Nach karenge touch karenge bachle ve yaara / Ajj to hum too much karenge bachle ve yaara/

Ajj discowale khisko bai desi beat bajani….In catchy upbeat tune.

Very thoughtful poetry like ‘Chewing gum hai chabbi jaa/ Hand pump hai dabbi jaa/ Pipe te jussa kaddi jaa “ is sung when  the end credits roll, which probably explains YR philosophy of movies.

Social Message

The movie elucidates many complicated issues simultaneously, just in case any audience fails to get one of them, he would catch the other. We have cricket, gender bias, family unity, India- Pakistan sensitivities all dovetailed within a love story. Howzzat?

I also think the movie subtly talks about the following causes, which did not miss my attention-

Economic recession and revival – Sherlyn Chopra started with paltry microgarments but finally wore a full length saree.

Professionalism- Rakhi Sawant just dances around and shows her tattoos but never talks.

Prevention of cruelty to animals- a bad joke on buffalo was objected by the female protagonist.

Sexual liberation- Difference between a man and a woman is just facial hair, is a myth. The difference can be exposed only by dropping a towel.

Other observations and inferences

Punjab is colourful. Farms are green; sky is blue and they paint their room dark red.

Rani Mukherjee is as cheerful, agile and carefree as a model of ‘Careless Whisper ’  advert.

Shahid Kapoor is working out too much. His sense of touch is covered by heaps of muscles.

It was not clear how Veera managed to tackle ‘those days of month’ during the heavy practice sessions over six months. But such detail would probably hurt Indian sensibilities.

Some cinematic details are deliberately avoided- like how the truck crossed the car on the single lane mud road. Again only cynical critics observe such foolish details and demand explanations.

Itemized Nudity- Sherlyn Chopra & Rakhi Sawant

Itemized Nudity- Sherlyn Chopra & Rakhi Sawant

On a scale of nudity and ugliness Sherlyn Chopra would score more than Rakhi Sawant.

Anupam Kher works with sincerity and conviction in whatever crap role he is put into.


In case you Wanted violence, blood and action this movie is not for you. If you look for qualities like logic and common sense in the script, it’s not for you. If you love cricket this is not for you.

But, if you want your Punjabi curry cooked in gobar gas, go for it.

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1. doctoratlarge - Wednesday, 23 September, 2009

This movie seems to be a must see for the holy cows mentioned by Tharoor, as it will go down well with the cattle class. And Yashraj seems to be the uncrowned king of the romantic bilge.
~uh~™: You got it right there 🙂

2. aparna - Wednesday, 23 September, 2009

Holy cow, you actually managed to sit through this bull shit? BTW did you mean to say ‘rabdi-jalebi’ or was it an error? Because I thought the usage was perfect. Thought Rakhi Sawant took a bite and the jalebi turned a little mad.
~uh~™: Yeah, with family too.
I meant Rabdi-Jalebi and did not recognize the unintentional pun, till you pointed it out 🙂
Not correcting it now, it is adding value to the post.
Thanks for reading in detail !

3. raavigeorgian - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

it ws one of the wittiest review i’ve ever read….love ur reviews..
keep scr****g the ‘best’ filmmakers of bollywood…
~uh~™: Thanks, though i do not have any personal vengeance against the filmmakers. It’s just that i need to purge the crap out of my system.
Feels good.

4. PodaPunaku - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

Love the review….ans I was gonna watch this but not anymore!! seriously..

btw did u see Sankat City yet?
~uh~™: You mean you missed my post of attending the Sankat City Premiere and the review both ? You hurt me bad.

5. Samir - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

You get an award.
~uh~™: For what? Where ?

Samir - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

A SuperScribbler award, on my site.
~uh~™: thanks dude.

6. Abha - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

gave up on YSR movies eons ago! last one i watched and liked but flopped was Kabul Express, i guess they never dared get out of their comfort zone after that!

but you watching it makes for a smashing review!! :p

~uh~™: Did you not like Chak De India ?
Glad that this review brought you to my page after long long time ! 🙂

7. alok - Thursday, 24 September, 2009

jub bhi jahaa jo bhi jaise bhi kahin bhi kaisi bhi kaise bhi gobar gas jalata hai dada apni dimaag tod haandi ussper chaadhaa ker kyaa swaadist kadhi pakaude banata hai
when also where who ever how ever also where also how also cowdung gas burn is dada his brain break haandi on it climb has what tasty (yummy) kadhi pakaude makes is!!!!!!!
~uh~™: gandha hai par dhandha hai yeh !?!!

8. le embrouille blogueur - Friday, 25 September, 2009

You are a true movie buff … I cannot imagine how much attention you pay to the movie to be able to critique so well … hats off … I was planning on and probably will watch the movie .. now that I know exactly what I to expect …. I am not sure the makers of the movie would realize that the end product can be sliced and diced so well …. hats off UH … you are the best !!!
~uh~™: It’s quite simple actually. With some movies expectation develop before watching it. Then, while watching a movie I expect something , either I am left with gross dissappointment, satisfaction or awe. In the first and last cases I feel this urge to write- to vent out the air of frustration !

9. couchpapaya - Saturday, 26 September, 2009

mmm… am not going to say anything because i’ll end up eating my words later .. i generally end up liking YRF *runs off and hides in shame*
~uh~™: I would be sad if you like this one…….and i am pretty sure you won’t.

10. whatsinaname - Monday, 28 September, 2009

hehehe Missed this kind of review from you since a long time!
You love battering them , dont you :p
And kya scale hai 😀 Such item numbers surely deserve this scaling!
~uh~™: :p Check the PFC comment sectiion for some interesting discussion.

11. alok - Tuesday, 29 September, 2009

well dada you will be happy to know that this dusshera weekend i went for holidays at landoure up above mussorie hill its where time is standing still since 1840 over there we met people like victor banerjee, tom alter and tashi of kamine, we were zapped seeing tashi’s home decor , fantom flags and signages all around his home, skeletons, tiger skin, deer horns and what not used as decoratives and a sturdy macho man with his pajero and thunder bird bike parked on hill top and the man too generour too courteous too warm to interact i will have to revisit ur kamine review to see what particular you wrote by this one tibetan rugudy fellow who live atop the hussle n bustle of time 🙂 victor banerjee’s home was peculiar too a mini monestary in its right with bells, tibetan flags criss crossing his wonderful vintage wooden bunglow and a unique painting of his father on the hill side rock just below his home !!!
~uh~™ : Great to know you met Tashi, he looked like a very interesting guy. Did you meet Victor Bannerjee too ?

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