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Maya (A Short Story) Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Stories.
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If one is asked to demonstrate figure of speech, the statement- Anmol is dying to get married, would be a perfect example.

Anmol is 32, Engineer, MBA, vegetarian and believes that good looks can’t compensate for higher IQ. He works in a reputed multinational company, earns a handsome salary and he is a champion is playing Tetris. He is desperately looking for a partner since his last girlfriend walked out, two years back. Staying alone in a big Indian metropolis, he is eager to settle down with a right companion, in a place he could call home. Being a proactive twenty-first century tech-savvy guy, he did not leave any stone unturned to search for the right girl. He has subscribed to fourteen matrimonial sites and many marriage groups, friend-finders, dating and social networking sites. He diligently fills up each and every detail about himself in building up his profile and makes sure he looks attractive enough in the profile picture. He chooses ‘single and looking’ or ‘bachelor’ or ‘looking for dating a woman’ from the drop down menu, with a hope that it would work out someday.

He is hopeful that, one day a girl would add him to her buddy list. Then they will exchange comments on each others pictures, status messages. Then they will start exchanging private messages which would culminate to chatting. He is confident that this is just the right way to look for a partner. However, it is not n the online forums he is active in. He also keeps his eyes and ears open in real life. Everywhere he sees an attractive girl, he starts thinking about a way to befriend her. The firm he works in has plenty of well educated good-looking spinsters. However it did not take Anmol much time to discover that the maxim ‘all good ones are taken’, holds brutally true. Some of his close colleagues knew about his predicament and tried to get him introduced to selected lady colleagues. Anmol found all of them to be little too independent and progressive to his acceptance. So their relationship could never exceed beyond having coffee in the campus barista.

Nevertheless, he is not built with mettle to lose hope. So he continues trying his luck by meeting girls who would suit his expectation. His expectation is simple. The girl should be vegetarian, good looking, well educated, independent, honest, respects Indian social values and customs and should have a good stable job so that she can share the loan burdens equally. Unfortunately, he was grossly disheartened to find that a girl comprising his specifications is virtually non-existent. Most of his married friends suggested that he should not be biased towards good looks or higher education. They also suggested Anmol to leave the matter entirely to his parents, who would be a better judge to evaluate a proposal. However all the alliances his parents introduced to him was rejected as he found the girls to be backdated, unintelligent or simply repulsive.

Anmol has calculated that he has spent a little over fifteen thousand rupees in the last two years to pay the restaurant and bar bills, during the meetings and dates with various girls. After all his meetings, he became experienced than he was yesterday, but still remained a ‘single but looking for’ guy. He has met vegetarian girls who got drunk after two drinks, he has met ugly girls who photoshopped their profile pictures, he has met chauvinistic ladies who compelled to share the restaurant bill into exact equal halves to the last paisa, he has met girls who were keen on one night stand, in short- he has seen them all. It’s not that all of them were weird, there were some whom Anmol liked, but they never called back. In short either Anmol rejected the girls or got rejected by them in exceptional regularity.

So, when he saw this brief but unusual message in the inbox of one of the numerous sites he is member of, he was intrigued. The message read –

‘ Hi,

I am Maya. I am single and looking for a serious relationship. Do you think we should know each other little more? ”

Hope to get a reply soon.

Anmol was impressed. The message conveys a subtle blend of confidence with a polite attitude. She knows what she wants. He quickly checked her profile- a bespectacled smart charming looking lady, probably in her late twenties. She loves reading science fiction, enjoys cooking and traveling to Indian heritage sites. She stays alone and works as a developer for an online gaming company. He was elated.

He replied, after much deliberation and using all his past experience-

‘ Hi Maya,

It was good to see your message. Your profile is very interesting and I am attracted to know more about you. Please suggest what you feel should be the best way to do that.’

He could not sleep properly that night. This is the first time a girl has approached him proactively. Next morning, he logged in to check if there’s any reply. There wasn’t. Anmol started his day in a disconcerted note. He could not concentrate on his work and kept on checking his mailbox. His experience told him not to lose patience or show desperation. He knew many of these girls actually get offended by an act of desperation. So he refrained from writing another message, though he madly wanted to.

The reply came next evening. She said sorry for the delay and shared her instant messaging ID, as she felt chatting would be the best way to converse real-time. Over the next two weeks Anmol chatted with her, told everything about himself and literally discussed minutest personal detail with her. She reciprocated too. She stays alone in the same city of Anmol. She expressed how she had lost her parents as a kid and how she longs for the affection of the elderly. Days went by and Anmol gradually fell in love with her. He felt as if she could sense his daily emotions. He also felt that she was also fond of him but shying to progress further. He almost lost all concentration in his job. When he was not chatting with her, he was playing the test version of online 3D Tetris, shared by Maya, who was part of the development team for the game.

Three months went by. Anmol was eager to meet her, but refrained from asking her out. Then, two days before his birthday, the message came.

‘I know it’s your birthday. Let’s meet and make it a memorable day’- Maya

Anmol almost went mad with happiness. He didn’t remember how he waited for the evening to come. He booked a table with candles and flowers at the restaurant she has named.

That evening he bought a bunch of roses and a silver pendant, wore everything new and reached the restaurant. Before entering he stood out and took a deep breath. His life would probably change, once he steps in.

Then he pushed the door slowly. The interior were dimly lit. He walked while his eyes still trying to adjust and find his way forward. The smell of the roses and the blurred atmosphere made him woozy. Suddenly, all the lights in the restaurant turned on with a blinding glare. Before he could realize what happened, a bunch of people jumped out of every nook and corner of the place with a loud cheer and said…

“ Surprise from the Maya team ! Happy Birthday to you Anmol “.

It was when the music started playing; he realized they were his colleagues.



1. allthecrap - Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

I thought climax will be more dramatic after such build up…but it was good..:D keep posting!!

2. bedazzled - Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

ha ha ha.. good one .. reminded me of something like this taht happened to a friend..

3. doctoratlarge - Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

Ouch that hurt! Your incarceration seems to have made you cruel!

This Anmol character seems to remind me of myself in my college days – reticent, a bit vain and a believer in the rules of life (especially that good always triumphs).

And your short stories with their surprise endings remind me of O Henry!

4. Ravi Chander - Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

Maya was the multimedia graphics project at C-DAC Pune in the 90s and I knew some people working there. I am wondering if your story is in any way connected to those geeks. For couple of them do remind me of your Anmol character. Good funny post!

5. kaushik - Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

An excellent story with a good ending ….

I thought that naming the female lead (lol) “Maya” made the ending easier to guess, though!

I know a couple of software engineers who resemble Anmol quite a bit, particularly with respect to such “simple” expectations from would-be life partnesrs 😉

Keep writing ….

6. Aditya - Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

Dekha Maya-jal ka natija !

Good one there !

Now combine blazemo with maya and write another twister….

wat say ?


7. Poda Punaku - Saturday, 14 November, 2009

oh thts is just cruel!!!! poor thing….and its all a product of your mind!…go figure 🙂 lolz

8. Ekta Khetan - Wednesday, 18 November, 2009

Aeiou-yo….Poor chap Anmol… His creator is a very naughty guy…bechare ko last mein hi ladki dila dete!

Yeh ishq vish pyar-sab moh hai, “maya” hai…mayajaal hai …

9. Kshitij - Thursday, 19 November, 2009

Really like the description. Though, at the end – I kind of hoped it would not be what it actually turned out to be. But, neverthelss, you got me reading till the end 🙂

10. gyanban - Friday, 20 November, 2009

I thought that the build up was better than the climax – which in itself is a compliment -that you got a reader really wanting to see Maya the woman !


11. alok - Thursday, 26 November, 2009

majaa aa gayaa i was missing this reading quotient since was unable to find the udtaa haathi in sky ….but too good a story dada u have penned or keyed it diligently too 😀

12. alok - Monday, 30 November, 2009

dada missing lambi daadhi, black chashmaa, gerua wastra, uljhe baal dhoondane waale ko inaam pachaas hazaaar 😀

13. Ms Taggart - Tuesday, 1 December, 2009

ROFL!! Awesome climax.. though it could’ve been little more dramatic! 🙂

14. rahulanand - Sunday, 6 December, 2009

nice story..long time since you updated the blog..wassup

15. alok - Wednesday, 9 December, 2009

dada still missing lambi daadhi jo shaayad abb aur badh gayee ….black chashmss, messed up curly beautiful hair, in orange cloak, if seen please inform zoo authority soon 😛 ok? who am i? the chimp at tree no. 21 in the same zoo 😀
~uh~™ : Alok yaaar, kyun jale pe namak daal raha hai 😦
I am a prisoner without access to my blog. As I can’t access my blog i am losing the motivation of writing……
Unless, i look for another prion with internet, this blog is going to be dead soon.

16. ~uh~™ - Wednesday, 9 December, 2009

Dear All,
Thanks for all your comments, I wish i could reply all of you individually, like before.
But I can’t. Check my latest post to know why.

Do vote.

17. Rofl Indian - Sunday, 27 December, 2009

Its so dark, I couldn’t read the text properly! 😀
But I don’t pity Anmol. He actually deserved it. Such fastidiousness can sometimes get on the nerves!
The name ‘Maya’ was too obvious. Since she was entirely digital, you could have called her ‘Maya-D’!
~uh~™ : lol….the film adaptation can be called Mayatrix !

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