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Euthanasia or Suicide ? Wednesday, 9 December, 2009

Posted by ~uh~™ in Blogging.
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1. litterateuse - Thursday, 10 December, 2009

Damn. It doesn’t have the one option I’d want to click. “Ask ~uh~ to stop making excuses. Surely they allow text files. Write when you get a chance, post when you get home. Unless the boss doesn’t allow access from home either :-|” The only valid reasons to not write are:

1. I have a writer’s block. (Yes, let it run its course)
2. I have nothing to say. (Fair)
3. My grammar sucks.

None apply to you. Funny you could access your site to read this. You could’ve spent that time posting instead 😛


2. gyanban - Thursday, 10 December, 2009

I think the writers block manifests simply because of the “need” to post “now’ syndrome.
The whole idea is post when you feel like, if you don’t fee like posting for a couple of months then don’t ! Life continues. `People who like to read your work will always come back !

3. doctoratlarge - Friday, 11 December, 2009

Quit, quit, quit your job and get a new one. I wish I could give more than one vote on that. Aren’t medical professionals allowed special voting privileges?

4. alok - Friday, 11 December, 2009

you have a five day week i guess do din kaafi hai na blogging ke liye? ya bhaabhi bartan dhulwaatee hai 😛 ?

5. Rofl Indian - Sunday, 27 December, 2009

Neither euthanasia nor suicide would free the soul, you see. Write a book and have a ‘double’ life 🙂
~uh~™ : Will start with a cook book.

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