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About udtahaathi™

Udtahaathi Surrealism

I am ~uh~™. My wife thinks I am lazy. My kids think I am huge. I think I am hungry or sleepy most of the time. I am a Bong. I can’t sing. I think I can dance. I like to call a spade a spade. Similarly, a club, a club and heart, a heart. But I don’t want to talk about diamonds. Diamonds are expensive. I like to take control of things which I can control, like TV remote, car, bottle opener, zip-lock. I don’t like vegetables much as food, but I have many veggie friends. I don’t have any chicken friend, though. I feel comfortable to believe that this world is black and white and there’s no grey area. I avoid grey areas. I am devoid of grey cells. I dislike weekdays. They make me weak. I love Sundays. I love Sundaes too. I love movies. I see movies.  I remember movies. I love details. God is in the detail. I am  a fan of  Satyajit Ray . I love music. I love driving. I live in Mumbai. I dislike the vehicles in front of me who drive slower than me. They are idiots. I dislike the vehicles behind me who drive faster than me. They are maniacs. I remember my dreams . The number of friends I have is  less than the number of social networking sites I am member of. I have many nicknames. I have quite a strong intuition which seldom fails. Like you are getting confused  now. I contradict myself often. No, I don’t. I dislike entering the theater after dark. I like to plan and organize for something  and then actually don’t do it.  I love  photography. My 2000 born son takes better photographs than me (like the picture above). I used to own a Yezdi Roadking. I  used to be a heavy smoker. I drink my favourite dark rum.  I am hip. Because I am in Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Bid-Adda,  Picassa, Dekhona,  Flickr, My Space, YouTube, Yahoo 360, Mouthshut, Blogspot, Linked-In, Ryze, Wiki, Stumbleupon, Digg,Twitter, Polldaddy . I believe that elephants can fly, it’s just that we are not drunk enough to see them flying.

Long ago in 2004, I started writing on my first dark blog, that time there wasn’t much of wordpress or blogger and I never realized my writing were any good (even today that thought has not changed a bit, it’s just that blogging has been easier),  so got bored with the hard html codes and started writing on this review site as flyingelephant.  Stopped after 2 years and started  a jamboree of humorists with contributions from few of the friends.   Here in AEIOU ¿ ® , I am independent and trying to be myself . I am also one of the editors of PFC where I try to help the indie cine movement.

My typical day consists of 24 hrs, normally distributed as Travel for 4 hrs, Work- 12 hrs, sleep-6 hrs; balance is spent on other activities essential for survival. If I am able to save time, I generously devote it for my family, friends & interests.

I am primarily interested in People, Places, Photography, Movies, Music, Books, Bridge, Chess, Animation & Graphics, Antiques, Art & Architecture, Fashion, Advertising, Sports & Games, Food & Drink, Travel, Fountain Pens, Cars & Bikes, Cigars, Gizmos & Gadgets, things that start with ”W” (Walter Disney, walnut, winter, watermelon etc)

However, most of my interests fall under category used to [Refer how I spend my typical day above]

To know more,  read my other posts .

Thank you for your patience for reading this far. You have successfully learnt about me ( but you still may not know my dark secrets).



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