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FAQs & Interaction

Q: Why do you call yourself Obtuse?

A: I am far from being Acute, nor I consider myself as Right. Thus, mathematically the only angle left has to be Obtuse.

Q: Why do you call yourself Utopian?

A: Because I believe in some idiotic ideologies applicable only to the imaginary world I pretend to live in when I am sober. But I enjoy living in that world, when I am in COMA [ Composed Old Monk Attainment].

Q: On About udtahaathi page it says you are a bong. In America bong is something to smoke pot from. Is that wrong? What is bong in your culture?

A: You are right- Bong is something to smoke grass or Ganja. In India ‘Bong’ is a short form for ‘Bengali people’. As my writings has a ‘stoned’ feeling it serves both the purpose well.

Q: I always visit your blog after I read them but can’t think of  anything to say. Perhaps the Australian and Indian sense of humour is too different, as i don’t really ‘get’ what your cartoons are about. Hope you don’t find that offensive ?

A: Honestly, I never expected my blog would attract international readers . Now that I know it does, I would keep it in mind while writing a globally valid subject. Though, I think sense of humour can’t be confined and categorized within geographical boundaries, but I agree my works are mainly contextual to India and it’s current affairs involving incidents, weather, TV, movies and personalities. Moreover they are cryptic and dry, generally meant for Indian audience, so i guess its completely justified for you not to ‘get’ it ! However, I will encourage you ask me questions in comment section ( whatever foolish it may sound), that way we will know about our worlds better.

Q: What are you? I mean what is your Professional Qualification?

A: Err… ok. I am an Architect with a Post Grad degree in Building Engineering & Management.

Q: What inspires you to write?

A: Very good question. The following would definitely acts as a source :
~ my otherwise mundane and insipid existence and to beat the stress I develop in real life.
~ the only place where I can experiment with my creative self.
~ the comments I get from the reader’s , that’s the strongest. The day I stop getting feedback, I will know its time to stop.

Q: What is the source of the header image?

A: Archive of photographs taken by me.

Q:  Why don’t you write on books?

A: I don’t get time to read them now. Whatever I have read earlier  I don’t remember much to write about.

Q. What do you do for living?

A: A Dilbertish job at an Financial company which connects money , real estate and profits.

Q. Which City do you belong to?

A: Well, it’s not easy to answer that. I was born and brought up in Kolkata till graduation, then studied further in Delhi and worked for few years, then moved back to Kolkata before shifting to Bangalore and finally moving to Mumbai. So the politically correct statement would be ‘I belong to cosmopolitan metropolis India’.

Q: What are the three things you are deeply passionate about ?

A: Camera, DVDs and Fountain Pens in that order.

Q: Do you write on any other forum ?

A: I am an author at PFC and most of the cases, I  publish my movie reviews there first and cross post here.

Q: Are you on drugs?

A: No, alcohol works for me.

Right now I do not have any other question to answer.

If you do have one you can send a mail to flyingelephant@in.com and wait for my reply. I normally reply within a day or two, if I am not ‘out’.

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