Gay Right or Wrong ?

Gay rights are recognized in India by dumping a 149 year old law which so far criminalized ‘unnatural sex’. 2 cartoons .

Gay-bossCase- I

Gay- OstrichCase 2

Author: ~uh~™

Born on early 70's, brought up in Kolkata. Graduated from Kolkata as an Architect. Then came to Delhi to obtain a Master's Degree in Building Engineering & Management. There after lived and worked in Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai, in that order. Staying in Mumbai Western suburbs with my family- wife, 2 kids and a Shih Tzu.

10 thoughts on “Gay Right or Wrong ?”

  1. haha…..what is the first guy looking at in case 1?
    i think the court judgment will create more confusion than clarity
    ~uh~: Everything thing would be clarified in another 120 years or so…

  2. We can’t appreciate it fully for that blogposts against your web site. I’m sure you set lots of time and also electricity into these plus definitely we imagine you know how substantially I enjoy this. I hope I’ll do a very similar matter person at some time.

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