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BOTE Art Friday, 8 October, 2010

Posted by ~uh~™ in Art & Literature, Graphics.
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A back of the envelop (BOTE) representation of a state of mind, done with ball point pen.

state of mind, emotion, bleeding, heart, pain, agony, frustration, hurt bird, smokePlease feel free to ponder, interpret, use or ignore.

Sorry, no humour this time.


1. anandsindhu - Friday, 8 October, 2010


shading means expression of a sort of regressed feeling .
if someone is in habit of shading then it means he will be dragged in to past unwillingly .Two eyes in the doodle shows u need people around who can talk about the man inside you …
or it is about someone(the bird/little dragon) who is trapped in the volume of past/desire/drugs/habit but still wants to fly …

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~uh~™: Quite interesting thoughts and interpretation. In fact some are quite true !
Are you into psychology ?

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